WRC 10: Full throttle through the snow on PlayStation 5

The WRC series was once a neglected child in the world of rally racing. But in recent years, the developer has clearly found its way up. Last year the game was already good and with WRC 10, which I played on the PlayStation 5, they are building on the strong foundation.

WRC 10 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the rally class. As a result, you can relive various classic moments with classic cars in classic settings. But the game is much more than that. These are the points that struck me while playing.

WRC 10 Review

Career mode is top

The most important mode in WRC 10 is without a doubt the career mode. You start in the WRC Junior or the WRC 3, depending on the performance you manage to achieve in a stage. I could start in WRC 3. You then have the choice of three different cars to get started with and then you can decide from your home base what you are going to do. Every so often you have a rally that you participate in, but in between those races you can practice, rest or participate in special events. That way you can earn money, grab experience points and collect skill points and perform upgrades, or let your crew do their job better, which in turn yields bonuses.

WRC 10 Playstation 5
Build your own success (Image: Nacon)

Due to these elements and the fact that the loading times on the PlayStation 5 version of WRC 10 are extremely short, you have the feeling that you are making progress despite a little less performance at the beginning. A simple training session is now really worth it, because you can start the session in no time and then be done with it again in a few minutes. As a result, there is much less wasted time, because everything feels like added value.

Lots of content

And there is a lot to do in WRC 10. You really have a load of rallies, classes and trials. Later in the year, new rallies should also be added, so you can keep playing. In addition, some tests are very long and you will probably press restart a few times. Add to that various exercises, challenges and legendary rallies and you have a game that you can play for many tens of hours.

WRC 10 Playstation 5
Getting started with classic cars (Image: Nacon)

Rips wonderfully

More important, however, is how the game plays. In that regard, WRC 10 feels really strong. It is a rally game where you drive very differently on the different surfaces. On a snowy surface you can slide a bit more and in this way maintain high speeds, while on the asphalt you have to work a little tighter. And as you then rip, the sense of speed is excellent and your co-driver is very good at telling you what the obstacles are coming your way. In that way it is a game where you really sit on the edge of your seat to enjoy it for a while.

WRC 10 Playstation 5
Full throttle (Image: Nacon)

PlayStation 5 controller works great in WRC 10

I played WRC 10 on the PlayStation 5. And as with the previous installment, the developer makes good use of the possibilities offered by the game console. In addition to the short loading times and the choice of whether you want to make the game look nice or run fast, it is mainly the DualSense advantages that stand out. You feel the different surfaces work well in the controller, you hear when you hit objects via the speaker and the triggers also give you feedback when you want to go full on the gas while you are still slipping. It is really an absolute added value and ensures that the experience is even better.

WRC 10 Playstation 5
Feel every surface (Image: Nacon)

Sometimes a bit spicy

There was a time when the Flashback feature was a standard feature in a racing game. This makes it possible to rewind a piece of gameplay and in that way correct a mistake. In rally games, those were removed a few years ago. The idea is simple: in rally driving mistakes should be punished. And if it goes wrong, you just start over. The problem with WRC 10 is that the game is sometimes quite spicy and you quickly make a mistake. Especially when you do a race of more than 20 kilometers, it is quite difficult that you have a moment of reduced concentration at three quarters, make a mistake and thus ruin your race. At that moment you really curse the game and you are disappointed that there is no option to fix this.

WRC 10 Playstation 5
A mistake is easily made (Image: Nacon)

WRC 10 is now available on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, 5 PlayStation, Xbox and Xbox One X Series . 

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