we can play PS5 games on our mobile and PC

For all those lucky owners of a PS5 , being able to play their favorite games also on a mobile phone or on a computer is something that can be very interesting. That is why today we are going to tell you how you can achieve it.

This faculty that we are telling you about is extremely attractive, since we will be able to enjoy not only the excellent games on the console, but also the DualSense controller .


Remote play

Remote Play is a function that is implemented on the PS5 by which we can access the PlayStation through a computer, a mobile device, a PlayStation 4 and even from another PS5. We already had this system present on the PS4 since 2019, but it was not so developed, since it only allowed us to play the games of that console on Android and iOS mobile terminals.

This function will allow up to 3 players to join remotely to enjoy any of the multiplayer games we have.

How to play on a Windows 10 computer

As you can read, this system, in addition to being very interesting, also offers many possibilities to be able to operate remotely. To get everything to work on your computer, the first thing we have to do is install the PS Remote Play application , which is currently available for Windows 10 and macOS, as well as for mobile devices such as Android or iOS.

We must be clear that the computer with Windows 10 must have minimum specifications so that everything can work correctly, in addition to that we must have a PlayStation Network account linked on our PS5, high-speed Internet connection (highly recommended) and the DualSense controller USB cable.

The minimum that Sony advises us for a PC with Windows 10 to work well is to have a seventh generation Intel Core processor or later, 100 MB of free storage, 2 GB of RAM, a screen resolution of 1,024 x 768 or higher. , as well as a sound card and USB port.

Once we have all this clear, we only have to follow certain steps to be able to play the PS5 games on our computer.

Install PS Remote Play

  • The first thing we must do is download the application that we have mentioned above called PS Remote Play .
  • Now we must install the .exe file that we just downloaded. During the process, we may have to install some other software. How can you imagine we have to follow all the instructions while we execute the installation process?

Set up PS5

Now we must go to the PS5 to configure it for Remote Play. What we are going to do now is only done the first time you use this system, then it is no longer necessary.

  • From the home screen we go to Settings (cogwheel) and then enter System .
  • In the next step, click on Remote Play and then activate the Activate Remote Play tab .

For this system to work when the PS5 is in sleep mode, what we must do is the following:

  • We return to Settings and then click on System .
  • Now we enter Energy Saving and then Functions available in sleep mode .
  • At this moment we activate the options Stay connected to the Internet and Activate the power on your Ps5 from the network .

Remote use with a computer

The steps that we are going to see now are what we must do when we connect our PS5 console from a PC with Windows 10.

  • We turn on the PS5 or in sleep mode. This is already a choice of each.
  • We use a USB cable to connect the DualSense controller to the computer.
  • We run the PS Remote Play application on the PC to then select Sign in to PSN .
  • We log in with the same account that we have on the PS5. At that time we can enter Settings and thus configure the quality of the video that we are going to receive on the computer, that is, the resolution and the frame rate, although this step is not mandatory.
  • Now is the time to select PS5 . Then the application searches for the PS5 console you have logged in to using your account, and then it connects to the console automatically.
  • Once connected we will see the screen of the PS5 on the PC and we will be able to play our favorite games.

How to play on a computer with a mobile phone

In order to use this service on both Android and iOS phones, we must have a PlayStation Network account linked to our PS5 and a high-speed Internet connection, something that is highly recommended.

Install PS Remote Play

If we have an Android terminal, we have to go to the Google Play application store and download and install the PS Remote Play app on the mobile. If we have an Apple terminal there will be a difference in the application store nothing else, since it will be the App Store .

Set up PS5

Now we must go to the PS5 to configure it for Remote Play. It is done in the same way as on the computer, so if we have already done it, it is not necessary to repeat it. If it is the first time that we carry out this system, we must follow these steps:

  • From the home screen of the PS5 we will go to Settings (gear) and then enter System .
  • The next thing to do is click on Remote Play and then activate the Activate Remote Play tab .

Remote use with a mobile

The following steps are necessary to connect our PS5 console from a mobile phone.

  • We turn on the PS5 console or put it in sleep mode. As with the computer, this is up to everyone's choice.
  • We start PS Remote Play on our mobile and then we are going to Log in to PSN .
  • As is evident we must start a session with the same account that we use for the console.
  • Now we select PS5 . At that time the application searches for the PS5 console in which we have logged in using the same account, connecting automatically.
  • As soon as they are connected, the screen of our PS5 will appear on our mobile phone and we can start playing without the slightest problem.

Remote Play controls on mobile

When we want to play Remote use on the mobile, we will see how some buttons do not come out to control the games. Each of them performs a task.

  • Settings (cogwheel)
    This is used to change settings such as screen orientation and remote button display.
  • Create button (3-striped button)
    Performs the same functions as the create button on the console controller.
  • PS button (button with a PS in the center)
    With this button we can show us the control center of the PS5.
  • Microphone status ( microphone drawing)
    If we press the microphone that comes out, we will activate it, but if we see that it is crossed out, it is off.
  • OPTIONS button (button with WIFI signals on top)
    Performs the same functions as the options button on the Ps5 controller.
  • Close (an X)
    With this we will close the control panel.

The rest of the buttons are the same that we use on the PS5 as you may have noticed.


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