Review: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth


Battle For Azeroth is the latest expansion for the most popular MMORPG in history: World of Warcraft. This expansion focuses first on the battle of Lordearon. The Horde has settled here in the Undercity and the Alliance wants to take back Lordearon. After this battle, both factions look for reinforcements.

One of the selling points of the new expansion are the Allied Races. If players had already pre-ordered Battle For Azeroth during Legion, they were already allowed to get started with some of these Allied Races. The new expansion expands on this and adds more races. More Allied Races will be added over time including the Zandalari Trolls for the Horde and Kul Tiran Humans for the Alliance. Of course it doesn't stop there and the levels are raised to 120. Artifact weapons are thrown in the trash and it is time for an Artifact amulet. This amulet contains the heart of Azeroth will grow stronger as players collect Azerite. This is the new form of Artifact Power in Battle For Azeroth.A higher level amulet allows you to equip your Azerite armor with different perks depending on the armor and your specialization.

Bye Legion!

Finally! To be fair, the whole Legion theme was fun in the beginning because Burning Legion Hype, but I'm so glad we're rid of all that green gunk. It literally popped out of my head and that's why I'm really looking forward to the new expansion because it all looks really beautiful. The new areas are very varied and share a super cool theme. Zandalar is all about mountains, jungles, swamps, ancient temples and dinosaurs. I mean, what more could you want? THERE ARE DINOS! There is also a super cool new mount! This unfortunately costs 5,000,000 gold. I'll be here long she lives will never come close so no Brutosaur mount for me. Check out how fat it is below:

On to 120

It will take you several hours to make your way through the new areas to reach level 120, but unlike the previous expansion, it's less arduous this time. There is a very nice story baked into the quests that you play. Of course the quests still consist of: Kill x number of these beasts. Collect x amount of this stuff. Talk to this man and then talk to these 3 men in order. But I don't mean this. You have chapters in each area, and each chapter tells its own sub-story and together it forms a whole. The previous expansions already did this, but in Battle For Azeroth it works better in my opinion.

It's not just a number of quests that you have to complete in a certain area before you get a cutscene and have completed a certain chapter, but the quests themselves have a logical order that slowly shapes the story. You work your way from point A to point B in a certain area and the area around you slowly forms with the actions you perform. In this way, the standard mmo quests are a lot less annoying to do because it doesn't seem endless but there is indeed a progress to be seen. I had not experienced this with the previous expansions and I thought this was very nice to see in Battle For Azeroth.

Beautiful environment

I can't say it enough, but the environments in these expansions are magnificent. The game may look outdated compared to other modern mmo's, but you can completely see through this. It does have a certain charm that conquers you. In my opinion, this is the best expansion ever with Mists of Pandaria in second place. The variation in areas with a nice cohesion and whole is very special and especially the densely wooded jungles and swamps have a very cool vibe. You can really feast your eyes on this extension for hours and enjoy the different views. In addition, there are also appropriate ambient sound effects that make you feel like you're walking around in Jurassic Park at times.

At least this applies to the Horde during leveling. I didn't level up an Alliance character from 110 to 120, so I only discovered the areas of Kul Tiras through the War Campaign and the World Quests after 120. These areas also look interesting so far, but have a very different atmosphere and appearance than Zandalar. Kul Tiras tends more towards a Pirate Cove-like setting. Buildings made of shipwrecks and stark grassy plains between medium-high mountains with a village here and there.

Endgame and PvP

The endgame at the beginning of this expansion is very similar to Legion's. You will mainly be engaged in World Quests, completing the daily 'Emissary Quests', and dungeon runs to improve your gear for the upcoming raid. Again you start with standard dungeons, then Heroic and finally Mythics. The first Raid will be released in 2 weeks. So you still have some time to prepare.

If PvP is more your thing then War Mode is the new feature for you. You can switch 'War Mode' on and off via your talents if you are Stormwind or Orgrimmar. What this does exactly is flag your character for PvP. Open-World PvP is now a thing and turning on War Mode not only allows you to fight with players from the other faction, but also gives you a number of benefits. You will earn up to 10% more XP and your PvP talents will become available in the open world.
Since certain World Quests require you to travel to Kul Tiras as a Horde player and to Zandalar as an Alliance player, War Mode is the new way to get started with PvP in Battle For Azeroth.

double custard

If you're a fan of both, the new Island Expeditions might be a nice addition for you. In Island Expeditions, you travel to an island with two other players from your faction and must collect 6000 Azerite. The enemy faction is on the other side of this same island with the same mission. The first faction to collect 6000 Azerite wins. You can collect Azerite by mining it, looting it from treasure chests or simply by killing mobs ranging from trash to rare and elite. You can also encounter your opponent in certain expedition modes and battle each other to slow down their Azerite process.


World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth feels like a fresh expansion with all the good elements from Legion combined with new features in a beautiful environment. The story is again very compelling and has some unexpected twists here and there that will keep players in suspense for a while. The new varieties that you qualify for are all super cool designed and designed. The questing and leveling in the new areas is no longer a drag as in previous expansions and this is a very big plus of Battle For Azeroth.
Battle For Azeroth has only just begun, but it already looks very promising. We are looking forward to getting started with the raid in two weeks and are very curious to see what further content this expansion will offer.

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