Review: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Doom, Crash Bandicoot, Rocket League, NBA, Fifa and WWE. These are all titles that have been ported to the Nintendo Switch. Some of those titles were great additions to the handheld, could this title be too?

By now everyone is familiar with Wolftenstein II: The New Colossus. The game came out quite some time ago, October 27, 2017 to be exact, for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows PCs. If you've played this game, the Switch port might not be that interesting to you, well, I think it is! As with Doom, Wolfenstein has something unique to add to this family-friendly handheld, which is great. Nintendo is known for the softer titles for the time being. A game like Bayonetta is already getting a little closer to 18+, but the two Bethesda titles are not comparable. Check out below how you can blow Nazis' heads open in this beautiful title.

Graphics and performance

Panic Button also ported Doom a while ago, this game looked great but certainly didn't come without some issues. Wolfenstein struggles with the same issues, which in my opinion is still an advantage, given the game looks fan-tas-tic. With a performance of 30 frames-per-second and a maximum resolution of only 720p, I noticed very little of what is on paper. The game looks great, even in handheld mode, which is where I mostly played it. In some intense parts the frames could drop, but the game remains nice and playable. Cinematics look great and the blur is also a lot less than it was with Doom.
Something that is immediately implemented with this title, are the motion controls. These work on the Joy-Cons as well as the Pro Controller. This makes aiming a lot easier and is a system that could really help players in games like Zelda, as aiming in handheld mode can be quite tricky. You can of course also choose to turn on aim-assist. In terms of bugs I didn't come across anything special, nothing game-breaking or anything like that, it's okay in that area!
wolfenstein II switch


Blasting heads of Nazi scum is the specialty of wounded William BJ Blazkowicz. The Nazis won World War II by taking advantage of the industrial revolution in the field of robots. This part is all about reclaiming the world, starting with Frau Engel, a sadistic commander in the German army. The game takes place after  The New Order , but you don't need to have played this part to understand what's going on, as there are plenty of flashbacks. Also in this part you get more backstory for the protagonist, BJ
People who said last year that single player games are dead were seriously mistaken when The New Colossus came out. This title still has one of the best storylines that came out last year in our beautiful gaming world. The story is very original anyway, and so is the whole setting. I mean, you have Nazis in mechanical robots shooting you with lasers while you run around with akimbo machine guns… If that's not cool?! This part also has more gore moments, more weapons and better graphics, despite the Switch downgrade. The title is, of course, based on  The Man in the High Castle . Despite that, the game series has built a better world than that described in TMitHC.
wolfenstein 2 switch gameplay


There is not much else to say about this port. Wolfenstein II is a great, breathtaking single-player shooter that once again shows the power of the Nintendo Switch. If you want to see the game in its full glory, then I of course recommend that you buy the regular version, if you want to enjoy the diversity that the Nintendo Switch has to offer, don't miss this title. Bethesda delivered a great story and Panic Button continues to drive strong sales to the hybrid handheld/ console.

  • Killing Portable Nazis
  • Performance, both plus and minus
  • Graphics strong on handheld
  • Great storyline

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