Review: Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

The fans of Wolfenstein can get started this week with no less than two new games. Both Cyberpilot and Youngblood were released on July 26 and we got to review them both. 

You take on the role of a Cyberpilot in this game. This Cyberpilot is hacked by the French resistance fighters and is located in Brother 3. This is a command center in the heart of Paris and the goal is to take it out. You get three machines that you can control. A Panzerhund, a drone and a Zitadelle. Before you step into a machine, you will first receive a digital simulation as training. A bit redundant because the game doesn't have many controls.


As mentioned before, there are 3 machines that you can control in Cyberpilot, each with their own weapons. The Panzerhund has a flamethrower, charge and shockwave. The Zitadelle has a rocket launcher, mini-gun and shield. Stealth is the keyword with the drone. With a weapon that turns Nazis to dust and the ability to make you invisible, you have to hack into computers.
Before you can start a mission, you also have to do something in Brother 3. You have to hack every machine before you can use it. At the drone you have to build the weapon first and at the Zitadelle you will have to pull out shrapnell. All funny, but not a real addition to the game.

Short and not so powerful

Cyberpilot consists of 4 levels. Each level is linear and impossible to lose your way. For each machine there is 1 level and in the last level you have to use all three. You can easily complete these 4 levels within an hour and a half. And that with filler as training, hacking and repairing. If you are going to play this game, I advise you to skip normal immediately. I would have liked to see more levels and more enemies within the levels. Because shooting and blowing up Nazis is still fun.

Graphics and sound

Of course, the graphics of a PlayStation VR aren't perfect, but I'm sure it could be better than what Cyberpilot shows. Everything in the game is blurry and out of focus. Not that there is much to see in the game. Everything looks bare and empty. The sound is fine and nothing to complain about.


Cyberpilot works best with the Move controllers. You can use the Dualshock controller, but then you are limited. The motion tracking works well. I had a hard time flipping a switch once, but everything else works perfectly. A small detail is the placement of the repair tool. They placed these on the right and sometimes in a fight you come close to this and drones start to repair your machine. The problem here is that you can't move or shoot while repairing.


Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot is an entertaining but very short game. If there is action then it is fun but unfortunately the game feels empty. From graphics to levels and enemies could have been more in it. With 3 difficulty levels and a list of trophies there is still a small replay value. And to be honest, the $19.99 price tag is way too high for this game.

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