Review: Warcraft III Reforged

We had a long wait, but the remake of the classic and one of the best RTS games is here. Warcraft III Reforged was released on January 29. With this game, Blizzard is following the trend of reviving old classics through a remake. A number of those remakes are well received, such as Resident Evil. Other remakes completely miss the point and ruin the classic. Unfortunately, we are dealing here with one from the latter category.

Warcraft III Reforged
As mentioned, Warcraft III Reforged is a remake of the old classic Warcraft III. In addition, the game was the founder of today's Tower Defense games and the MOBA genre (games like League of Legends). And of course, the game has provided the immensely popular MMO World of Warcraft. So much good has come out of the game that we had hoped for a wonderful remake of the game. When the remake was announced, I almost jumped for joy. How different is the experience now when we can finally get started with the remake. Because quite frankly, Blizzard completely misses the point with this remake.
Warcraft III Reforged is full of bugs and issues. Perhaps small consolation but Blizzard has now announced to solve some of those problems. But those solutions were not yet available at the time of review. We encountered a lot of connectivity issues during the multiplayer games. Every now and then the same problems arose in the single player games. But luckily I'm more of a sandbox gamer or a campaign mode gamer myself.
Warcraft III Reforged

Campaign and Graphics

The Warcraft III Reforged campaign is old and familiar. Blizzard has not changed the story and missions. Fortunately, because it certainly wouldn't have been the same game as then. You have eight episodes to play and a prologue. The prologue is like the tutorial of the game. Handy of course for those who were too young or have never played this game. But for the generation that has played the game before or plays other RTS games, it is very annoying that you cannot turn off the tutorial. I would have preferred an option to turn this off and then enjoy the prologue. Each episode tells the story of one of the four people in the game. The prologue starts with the Orcs and the first episode with the Humans.
With a remake we generally expect a game with an HD jacket. And if I look at the game honestly, I can say that Blizzard didn't manage to do that very well. The CGI clips in between look like they are from 2002 (the year of the original release). The models of the units look a lot better up close than in the original. But honestly, how often do you zoom in during an RTS game to look at your units or houses? From above, the game looks fine, although if we compare it to the original, it's more a matter of taste. Which version do you think looks better?
Warcraft III Reforged


Warcraft III Reforged is a remake with a lot of mixed feelings. The game looks and feels like a lazy remake of a great classic. A classic that deserves much more when we look at the genres and games that came out after this game or are based on this game. In terms of graphics, it's more of an emotional thing. One will find the old version better and the other the Reforged version. The big difference is mainly in the units when you zoom in on them. But from above it is more a matter of taste. The CGI movies look like they come from the release year and there is little to see in terms of innovation. Take the bugs and problems of the game with, for example, the connections for multiplayer games. You regularly encounter problems with it. But as we have been able to hear this week,is Blizzard planning toto solve problems .
The annoying thing about Warcraft III Reforged is that the game is just good again. Once you're in a game or campaign, it feels like you're playing the original version. Everything feels familiar and it is a pleasure to play the game. Everything works in game as it should and it is certainly a great trip down memory lane. Purely for that and the nostalgic reasons, the game gets tight enough. Blizzard could have done a lot more with the remake. It had much more potential to simply become a good game seller again. But as it is now and how the game came out, it is not really advisable to buy it for the price it is now. Hopefully the problems and bugs will disappear soon so that the game gets some more praise.
Warcraft III Reforged


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