Review: Vanquish & Bayonetta exist 10 years

The Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle is finally out. These two Platinum Games titles are now playable on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. But, are they still worth it?

Both Vanquish as well as Bayonetta have been available on the market for about 10 years now. Where Bayonetta is one of Platinum's most successful games, Vanquish is less high on the list. Yet both titles are immensely popular. In this review we will not go into too much detail about the games themselves, as those reviews were already on the internet 10 years ago. We will, however, discuss where both games are on the market and the improvements with the new bundle.


This third-person action shooter first came out on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. At the time, this game was considered to be perhaps one of the fastest games of the year. As in, the gameplay plays very fast. But, where the movement controls are especially unique, they also lack some basic points. Yes, you can slide on your knees on the ground with fire coming from your shoes and shooting you forward, but you can't sprint. Yes, if you hide behind a wall you can jump over it, but that is only possible if you were already behind the wall. This way you notice the limitations that the game quickly imposes on you. That is one of the only downsides I would think of about the game.
The coolest thing about the game is the challenge. Not only are the boss fights difficult, even normal enemies can knock you in half within 1 or 2 neck blows. Bullets can also become scarce during boss fights, since you have to use your environment well more often and don't want to do everything with your own weapons. Vanquish is not immediately the most popular game. However, the game still looks nice and sleek on the Playstation 4, for a game from 2010. The action flies around at Vanquish where you literally fly past the cars. But if the game wasn't immensely popular in 2010, what was it?
So what you do notice is how influential this game is on certain current titles. Think of games like Warframe, where the influence of Vanquish has been put to good use to release tight, fast gameplay. But Platinum Games' own new title called Astral Chain also takes a lot of influence from Vanquish. A lot of people were hoping for a remaster of the game, but we are already happy that the game is getting a little more attention and marketing than it was then. Although Platinum titles went under the radar a bit more then, Vanquish is a solid title that certainly deserves to get its influential gameplay in the spotlight again.
Vanquish Bayonetta Bundle


Yes, the series that has to hear the constant comparison with Devil May Cry is back again. After being released on the Nintendo Switch in 2018 with the original debut in 2010, the game can now be played in 4K on the Playstation 4. What is particularly striking about Bayonetta is how the charm of the game remains fully present despite the somewhat older version. graphics technology behind it. Bayonetta is one of the game titles where the movement keeps moving me. The game plays so well, and the Playstation 4 helps with that, of course.
Bayonetta is a classic, a nice challenging game that is not afraid of a slightly sexist undertone. In 2010, the game introduced gameplay elements that no one had ever heard of and had the smoothest gameplay on the market. Bayonetta would get a third part in 2018/2019, unfortunately it seems that this game will have to wait a while. Still, the first two parts remain timeless, especially because of the incredibly smooth controls, the demonic but above all quite smart enemies and an iconic character. The game is highly recommended.

<bayonetta Kicking Wallpaper


Vanquish and especially Bayonetta are two timeless games, which still function well against the current market. Platinum Games' is one of the most influential studios and these two games are prime examples of that. For the price of 40 Euros you get two fantastic games that show how much influence they have had on the current industry. If you've never touched both games, or want to replay them in 4K, now's your chance! We highly recommend the games to anyone who is a fan of action-packed games and over-the-top action.

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