Review: Trover saves the Universe

Trover saves the Universe is the latest game developed by Justin Roiland and Squanch Games. Justin Roiland is no stranger to the media as he is the co-developer of Rick and Morty. Trust me, once you play the game you'll notice it soon enough.

If standards and values do not apply anywhere, it is in Rick and Morty. Although these characteristics also appear slightly in Trover Saves the Universe, the translation in this game is more in the field of game design. What in the majority of modern video games is seen as "normal" or "standard" is not seen as "good game design" in this VR game from Squanch Games. Games are taken for a ride several times during gameplay, and frankly, this is wonderful to see.

Trover and the Chairopean

In Trover saves the Universe you take on the role of a Chairopean. These are creatures that never-never get out of their couches and control everything with, yes, a Dualshock controller in their hand. You are joined by Trover, a purple teletubby with a coarse mouth and power babies for eyes. Before we set off, we need a reason to start the adventure. Kidnapping maybe? A strange entity with empty eye sockets called Glorkon has kidnapped your two dogs and put them in his eye sockets. This turns Glorkon into some powerful creature and wants to merge all the worlds into one world where he has the power. So far you go along with a purple teletubbie, who has power babies for eyes, after an entity that has your dogs for eyes. Do you still follow it? Beautiful.


Together with Trover you will travel different worlds and in each world you will find new resources that will help you get closer to Glorkon. While playing through these worlds, you as a character become more powerful, but Trover also becomes more powerful. Your chair, where you sit throughout the game, becomes more powerful as other characters in the game spit on you. This can make your chair float, for example, so that you can view the world from a higher point. Trover grows stronger as a power baby in its eye socket eats another power baby. Yes really. This will allow Trover to unlock new abilities such as reels and double jumps.

All upgrades happen at logical moments in the game, so you can enjoy the strange environments and the especially funzige and oblique conversations that take place here and there without thinking too much about the game. The puzzles and gameplay in general remains quite simple, but this is not a bad thing as this is the essence of the game. Stupid puzzles are bad game design according to Trover. During the first level you have to solve a puzzle by pressing a number of buttons. Trover soon runs out of patience and asks you to simply smash the gate instead of solving the puzzle. "Shall we check online? Maybe there is a guide or something?" and "What were the developers thinking with all these buttons. Buttons aren't fun, it's lazy!" are things Trover is saying to you right now.

Not for the kids

Trover saves the Universe is clearly not a game aimed at a young audience. The game is full of swear words and generally rather rude comments. For example, at some point you will have to make a choice to kill someone. You have the choice of two people. One person is a big busybody and has been nagging at you for a good five minutes, the other speeds up the pregnancy process in women so that he can eat the fetuses. I'm really not making this up! Every conversation in this game is really hilarious, but luckily you can also participate in the conversation. You just don't have a voice, so you have to do it by nodding yes or no. Because of this, you can sometimes choose to lie, or to speak the truth. The outcome is not different depending on your choice, but it does make for a hilarious conversation between the characters.

Almost forgot, your dogs!

The story, of course, is about rescuing your two doggies and stopping Glorkon. All of the above choices and conversations all take place during gameplay at enough different times. You go after Glorkon by collecting materials in different worlds to stop him. Each world has different strange characters, conversations, challenges and small puzzles. As said before, it remains quite simple. The biggest challenge is finding all the power babies in the worlds you travel. Finding power babies will give you more life points and a super special reward at the end of the game if you have found all the power babies. Ultimately, the story isn't that impressive, but it's more the way everything is told,how the characters interact and how the game is made fun of that the beauty of Trevor saves the Universe.


Trevor Saves the Universe might be the funniest game I've played this year. The humor, the characters, the general strange conversations and everything on it make for an unforgettable VR experience. The gameplay and story aren't impressive at all, but they're still very enjoyable, purely because of the way everything fits together in this stupid universe. Defeating enemies remains genius because of the stupid cries they give out and the magnanimity of them and you are always curious what the next absurd thing is that you will encounter on your path. It is simply impossible to express how genius this game is, so you really just have to experience it for yourself. For example, the two Glorkon clones in the screenshot above keep talking all the time, they don't stop!First they laugh at you and they start challenging you, then one asks the other how his appointment with the doctor went. It really doesn't matter at all and it's really genius. Trevor Saves the Universe is a must-have if you're a fan of oblique gross humor and can appreciate a WTF moment about every five minutes.

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