Review: Trials Rising

It's been a while since we've seen this game series but the Trials series has made a comeback with Trials Rising. Produced as usual by RedLynx but in collaboration with Ubisoft.

Trials Rising is the most recent iteration of this engine-driven platformer. A combination of familiar gameplay along with new features makes this game slightly different from its predecessors. You can still expect over-the-top action, a good dose of humor and more competition from the game. On top of all this, the game has also been given a fresh look based on the graphical aspect.
The game is developed by Ubisoft RedLynx in collaboration with Ubisoft Kiev and Ubisoft Odessa. Trials Rising is available on all major gaming platforms.
Thanks to Ubisoft we got to play this game and see all its new features. A lot of fun can of course be expected from the Trials series.

What's new?

  • Contracts – Official sponsors such as KTM, Fox and RedLynx can give the player additional challenges that they can complete. Every contract you successfully complete will give you extra Fame, Trials Coins and possibly new customization items.
  • Tandem Bike  – This bike allows you to complete single-player maps with a friend. This brand new co-op experience is hilarious and challenging, collaboration is a  must in this fashion.
  • Customization  – The ability to personalize your own character and bikes was already available in previous games. In Trials Rising, customization takes it to a new level. For example, you can give premade items your own twist by sticking stickers. The existing options based on personalization are also much more extensive in Trials Rising.
  • University of Trials  – This new Trials game welcomes every player, whether you are a newcomer or have played the previous games. This game has an extensive tutorial covering every area, from the basics to the most advanced techniques. Of course you have to imitate these techniques, so the player knows exactly what he is doing right or wrong.
  • Challenger Mode  – In Challenger Mode the player is matched against three different opponents, each opponent is one step more difficult. With a limited number of chances, the player must defeat all three opponents.
  • Stadium Finals – The single player consists of several divisions that the player has to overcome. If you manage to win every map in a division, you can compete against 7 opponents. Here you compete for the title of the division on multiple maps. These maps can be compared to the Supercross mode in Trials Fusion, multiple race tracks. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins!

Have fun playing your way

Trials Rising brings with it a fun single player in which you decide what you want to play. For example, the player will be able to make his choice by selecting his activity on the world map. For example, you can redo races to improve your time, complete a new contract to get that little extra Fame (XP) and Trials Coins (an in-game currency that allows you to buy customization items). Of course you can also choose to continue your progress in the different divisions. There are also several mini-games to play, such as basketball, long jump and other sports.
Have you finished the single player and are you still looking for a challenge; please consult the Track Central. This returns from previous games such as Trials Fusion and Trials Evolution. Here you can download, test and play maps that other players in the community have created. For the advanced and fanatic players there is of course also the possibility to make your own course.

The multiplayer

The online multiplayer in Trials Rising is called Global Multiplayer. In this gameplay mode, up to 8 players can compete against each other simultaneously in a match consisting of 3 rounds. The maps that the player encounters in the offline single player are played here, so you can practice before going online. The online aspect of Trials Rising is of course competitive, so there will be competitive seasons just like we know it with other games. In these seasons players can get a rank, at the end of the season you will of course get a reward based on your performance that season. A season will last 3 months, at the end of this period the leaderboards will be reset and everyone will start again at the same level.
However, if you are not into online racing, there is also an offline multiplayer mode, better known as Party Mode. In this mode you share the screen with up to 4 offline players. This way you can compete against each other to see who is the best. Want to make it even more interesting; then apply the modifiers! With the modifiers you can change various aspects, for example an invisible engine or a very low gravity. This way you still have a chance to beat that one friend who is really good.
However, if you don't feel like competing with your friends, there is of course also the tandem mode. Here you share your bike with one friend to get maps together. Teamwork is very important in this mode as each player only owns 50% of the control of the bike.


As a veteran of the Trials series, Trials Rising is a fun comeback. A fresh approach to the series gives the game a lot of fun again, although not much has changed dramatically. The game is a lot more extensive than its predecessor and a lot more detailed. Trials Rising is also a lot more challenging (sometimes too challenging) than Trials Fusion, there are also many more activities that can be played. Every time you get on the bike, you just get the urge to set the fastest time or the best score. You keep playing this game even though there is little to change in the game series, the details they have added are a nice extra. Of course, the game also has its flaws. One of the faults is mainly the fact that the leveling system is not optimal enough,for example, the player has to redo a number of tracks to earn extra XP/Fame. Also, I felt like I recognized some tracks from previous games.

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