Review: Travis Strikes Again

Travis is back in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. We got to try out the game on the Nintendo Switch and would like to let you know what we thought of the game!

For the first time in about nine years, Travis is returning to the screens of loyal fans. The old games captivated fans with an aesthetically pleasing, over-the-top tour de force! We follow  Travis Touchdown,  who is also the protagonist of the previous titles. Travis is a real gamer, or at least he is now. With his violent life behind him, he 'hides' in his caravan and plays nothing but video games. The birds fly by singing, the sound of the wind through the trees gives Travis peace, until that peace is disturbed by Badman.


Out for revenge

Badman is convinced that Travis killed his daughter. This daughter goes by the alias  Bad Girl . Jumanji-esque scenes unfold and the two get entangled in the game console Travis was playing before Badman attacked him. This  Death Drive MK-II  swallows the two and so begins their adventure. Stranded in the world of  Electric Thunder Tiger 2 , it's up to Travis to use his glowing sword to beat the game.
This luminous sword (not Star Wars at all) has two types of attacks. The light attacks provide quick combinations of brutal but short strikes. The heavier attacks let you break through enemies' defenses. Of course you have to dodge in time, you can jump and you run fairly fast. Make your way through this aesthetically pleasing game to try and free yourself. The combat can get quite monotonous, which is a shame.

never alone

The great thing about the Nintendo Switch is that you can easily play with people. This way you can play the entire storyline locally with one of your friends. The second player will then also play as Badman. The game plays fantastically smoothly but unfortunately doesn't always look that smooth. The game is also full of the necessary clumsy moments and bugs. While the 80s retro style works for many, it didn't always work for me. That is of course very much a personal taste and not something to put the game at a disadvantage, but something that didn't immediately appeal to me.
That No More Heroes is a perfect Switch title is for sure. This is a game that the handheld  shouldplay, if you choose to get it! Unfortunately, the game doesn't always look that good. Sometimes the environment seems linear and the environment style does not fit the image of the game itself at all. But when the game looks good, it should be clear that it is really good!


No More Heroes is full of hack-and-slash elements, but during your gameplay through the six major levels you will encounter different aspects. There are plenty of puzzles, cutscenes and challenges to complete. There is even a racing game incorporated in the main game. The game is fast paced and quite challenging at times. But even through the variety I got bored quickly. This can of course be my own fault, but the sometimes lengthy dialogues could bore me so much that I turned off my Switch. There is, however, enough humor in it to keep it interesting at the moments where it is most needed. Suda51 has a quirky kind of humor, but one that works.
There are humorous references to studios, other games and even the movie world. You can even save your progress by going to the toilet and laying a big turd. This way you give your lightsaber energy by giving it a good jerk. The humor can lead to crude jokes and not everyone can appreciate it, but I sometimes laughed myself to death. The joke about Devolver Digital is and remains a genius.


This retro-looking, Jumanji-esque hack-and-slash title is a mouthful. It's definitely not the best game ever, especially from its own franchise, but it works. Graphically, the game can sometimes be quite disappointing and it sometimes feels clumsy. When the game doesn't feel that way, it's also fun to run, jump or race through the levels. Unfortunately, the game is still quite pricey for the number of hours you spend on it. However, I can recommend the game to anyone who likes retro gaming! I was pretty convinced, how about you?

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