Review: Total War Saga: Troy

Total War games are practically as old as their Real Time Strategy genre. Last year we got a pretty expanded version with Total War: Three Kingdoms . After such an extended version, Creative Assembly thought it was time to go back to the basics and make the game a little easier. Total War Saga: Troy is a lot simpler to play compared to the previous game. But is this for the good of the series or did they experience a flaw here?

We can quickly answer that question: No. Total War Saga: Troy is simply another great installment in the series. It's actually nice to go back to the basics in a Total War game. Now you're thinking, don't you get bored easily now that it's all been made a little easier? Not really. Creative Assembly has put more emphasis on the real time battles that you can have in the game. With Troy we go back to the bronze age.

Everyone knows the story of Achilles and Troy that this game is all about. In the game you can choose one of the famous leaders of that time. Hector, Paris, Achilles and Agamemnon are some of those leaders you can choose. Each leader has his own specialties that affect your empire. In addition, these leaders also have unique abilities that they can use in the battles for cities and power. 

Total War Saga: Troy full of foot soldiers

What sets Total War Saga: Troy apart is the lack of horses in the real-time battles. In the Bronze Age it was not normal for your army to consist of soldiers and cavalry. This will require you to come up with new strategies. After all, you don't have fast flank troops with which you can quickly turn around your enemies. The ancient Greeks were especially fond of the spear and shield troops. These are in abundance but each group has its own specialty. Troops with lighter armor are faster, so you have an opportunity to make a flank with them. Troops with heavy armor make a good frontline to protect your archers or spearmen.

However, you can collect special troops in certain areas of the map. Here you will still find a few cavalry troops in the form of horse riders and horse-drawn carriage troops. There are also a number of mythical troops to be found in Total War Saga: Troy. For example, you can find a Minotaur or Giants to include in your army. However, these troops are rare and you will have to expand considerably to include these troops in your army.

The power in combat in Total War Saga: Troy lies mainly with your troops who can shoot from a distance. Archers, spear-throwers, and stone slingers in your army can make short work of the enemy's army quite quickly with the right protection. Your enemy will also try harder to protect his ranged troops. Simply turning around and attacking from the back is not so easy anymore. Especially in big cities, troops firing from a distance can make the difference between winning or losing.

Rich management just interesting enough

Your Empire management has also seen a simplification. Fewer buildings and fewer resources you need to control your armies and Empire. Food, bronze, stone, wood and gold are the resources you can collect and need to expand your Empire. You can also negotiate with surrounding nations with these resources. You mainly need food and bronze to expand your armies. You need stone, wood and gold to grow your cities. Diplomacy has also been made simpler where you can negotiate treaties and resources. Nations around you will be mainly interested in your resources and you will be thrown to death with that kind of negotiation in Total War Saga: Troy.

Faith plays a part in bonuses for your Empire. Temples can be built there and you can make offerings to the Greek Gods. With this you can get bonuses for your battles, population growth or to get more resources. Your leader also has his own menu where you can see how he feels. His mood affects your armies or your people. Take Achilles, he can keep you happy by fighting with him or going into duels with other leaders. In short, there is just enough to do in your Rijks management not to get bored.


Total War Saga: Troy is another successful new game in the Total War series. Simplicity is a good choice from Creative Assembly in this case. Despite making things a bit easier, the game offers enough challenges to control your Empire. The battles now require a different approach than we are used to from the other Total War games. Your management also offers enough to not get bored. The emphasis of this game is mainly on the real time battles. The lack of cavalry will require you to rethink your strategies to win the battles. Making use of the landscape is now even more to your advantage. It's not the best game in the series, but definitely one worth playing.


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