Review: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Next Gen

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 is now also available for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. There are upgrade paths for players who already own the game on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. What advantages does Next Gen offer, in this case specifically, the Playstation 5? We heel-flip this version to find out for you.

When someone says Playstation 1 you think of the iconic startup animation , Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, but also Punk music and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. It has taken Activision and several developers years to rediscover the magic of the first Pro Skater titles. But it finally worked with .. Yes, actually exactly the same games as before, but just that little bit newer, smoother, more extensive and, last but not least, radiant on modern consoles.

With the Playstation 5 version, Vicarious Visions and Beenox go even further. The result is comparable to previous Next-Gen re-releases and upgrades from the Playstation 4 and Xbox One era. This means that you can play with razor-sharp images with a constantly smooth frame rate and enjoy very short loading times to improve that high score even faster.

Pro Skater was more than just a game

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater used to be more than a simple game. It was kind of an extension of a passion. I don't think I speak for myself alone when I say that I started skating in the old days partly because of this great man. Back in the days of the Pro Skater games, Jackass, Viva La Bam and so on, this kid skated the streets on a cheap Intertoys board and I wondered why some more experienced skaters were faster than me. In the end I bought a very expensive Birdhouse deck with my birthday money and some savings. And after two weeks I had already demolished it.

Crying then, but beautiful memories now. Skating during the day after school, in the evening with some friends and playing sand in Tony Hawk's shoes on the Playstation. With squinting eyes, watch the male on the screen, which looks just enough like a male, to see how a Kickflip works. The next morning on the way to school, trying hard to imitate it. And it worked, after a few days of practice.

The Pro Skater games and for me personally American Wasteland shaped me for a good number of years in my younger days. DC shoes, Element sweater and wide pants. The nostalgic value is high and that certainly does not only apply to me. Toy Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 is therefore a very daring project, because you mess with the children you formed all those years ago.


With less successful licensed Tony Hawk's titles, the franchise faded away and with Pro Skater 5 it was over. But that's not quite right. Fortunately, Activision thought the same and we got a full remake of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2. The same games as before, but adapted to modern technology. Old, but also new music. The old, but also new skaters. Old, but also new clothes and so on.

The result was a pleasant surprise. We were also very impressed with this remake and that is why we already gave the game a 9 on the Playstation 4 last year. We therefore recommend that you read this review in which we discuss the content of the game. But as you might guess, or can remember, that content is just rock solid.

On the Playstation 5

We happily skate on Next-Gen. And that applies double and thick if you switch to a next-gen console within the same family. You can take your save file with you from Playstation 4 to 5 and from One to Series X|S, if you wish. There are several upgrade paths available so you don't have to take the full blow if you want to take Tony Hawk through with next-gen bonuses. But what exactly are those bonuses?

Basically you're playing a pumped-up version of the game you already played last year. 4K resolution in 60 FPS or up to 120 FPS in 1080P. Both modes play very smoothly, but if you really want to pull out all the stops with finely timed flips and tricks, the game plays very nicely in the 120 FPS mode.

Loading times are almost a thing of the past. They are very short, but not as short as we saw on other Playstation 5 versions of last-gen games. A second or 5 is still not worth mentioning and maybe we are already a bit spoiled by the titles that put entire levels ready for you in a moment. In any case, Pro Skater 1+2 also checks the box here so that you can continue skating virtually undisturbed. A sip of water while charging may just be in it.

Pro Skater 1+2 also eagerly take advantage of the DualSense controller. It's not as good as Astro's Playroom, but it's a nice and fairly subtle addition. You get feedback by skating, grinding, landing and falling over certain surfaces. Everything feels slightly different, so that image and feeling always connect well with each other in a certain way.

3D Audio was also a big part of the Playstation 5 marketing. But actually this is not so noticeable in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Since most of the action always happens right in front of you, most of the audio is centered. The music seems to sound a bit more spacious. At least, that's how it sounds. Every now and then you hear music coming from a certain angle. As if you are in some kind of skate park where music can always be heard best from a certain angle. The music in this game is also really cool. The new songs go really well with the old ones and if you didn't know you wouldn't be able to distinguish between new and old.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 on the Playstation 5 is a refined version of the game we were able to play last year. It's in line with all the other next-gen upgrades we've already seen. This might give you a good idea of what to expect. If you have not yet played this classic modern skater on your Playstation 4. But we're curious, or are. Then this game is an absolute must on Playstation 5. Did you already play the game completely gray last year? Then you don't miss much news, but a few games of skating is of course never wrong. Especially not if you're already throwing the sickest lip tricks in seconds.


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