Review: Tamiku – 99 Red Balloons The Game

Tamiku is a new Ratalaika title coming this week on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game comes with a very simple trophy list and that's all this little indie title needs.

For a small price of €4.99 you own a brand new indie title called Tamiku. Your goal in this game is to destroy all the balloons. Blue balloons will burst immediately if you touch them. You have to squeeze the red balloons first. Once you've destroyed all the balloons in a level, you've passed the level.

Of course it's not just about destroying balloons because every level is plagued with enemies. These move from left to right, top to bottom and some are a little less predictable. Each level offers a new kind of danger, so you can't just copy the same tactic from the previous level.

The game makes it a little easier for you by tying both ends of the field together. If you exit the field to the right, you will re-enter it on the left. As long as there isn't a wall in the way. This gives you a little more room to avoid the dangers around you. Although you have three lives per level, in some levels enemies can kill you with one touch.

In a flash

Tamiku is very very short. Effectively, the game consists of 8 levels. Once you have completed these 8 levels you will start again with the first level, but there will be many more red balloons instead of blue balloons. So it has become a little more difficult. So you have a total of 16 levels before you have finished the game. If you get a little angry you will have already completed the first 8 levels (including platinum trophy) before the next song has been played twice.

The levels start out pretty easy, but soon the level gets harder as you play. About halfway through the level, all enemies suddenly start moving faster, and you have to work even more carefully and faster.

For the hunters

Tamiku is a very short and quite simple game. It should be clear that this game is intended for the trophy hunters among us. You already have your platinum trophy after completing level 8. So you don't even have to play the more difficult variant of the same level. That said, you could have picked up this trophy by the time you're reading this review. It will take you about 20 to 30 minutes.


Unlike for example Golf Zero , also a Ratalaika with a simple platinum trophy, I can't really recommend Tamiku. Golf Zero was still quite challenging and entertaining to play. Tamiku is quite simple and monotonous for the short amount of time you are on it. The low price of the game is a nice bonus for an easy platinum trophy.


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