Review: Tales of Vesperia

It's 2008, the Xbox 360 is a world-loved console. For the first time, Tales of Vesperia manages to make its way into this old box. Now, in 2019, Bandai Namco wants to re-master the game for just about all consoles available! How do we find the game? Read it in our review.

When you start Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition for the first time, you expect to be able to recognize outdated graphical aspects immediately. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth! The game immediately looks top notch and ready for 2019. But, if you look deeper, there are of course a number of outdated gameplay features. It is, of course, a new take on an older game, but it holds its own, and that's a good thing. First watch the trailer to get a reminder, what was Tales of Vesperia again?


Old on new, new on old

This final version for the Tales title isn't just another redesigned look, no! It not only adds two new characters, but also a lot of new gameplay elements. New dungeons, challenges and quality of life changes have been added to the new edition. These make an omega-large game even more extensive and also provide a new experience for the Vesperia veterans among us. Leveling up and exploring your squad, that's what it's all about. Besides that, the game has a cool storyline with lots of anime-like cutscenes.
Graphically, this game immediately shows that it is a timeless franchise. Of course, certain character models are outdated compared to today's AAA titles, but the aesthetic area combined with the very good looking cutscenes make for a great experience for any anime and/or RPG fan. Sure, the game has its teething troubles, which you would expect to have worked out after so many years. But they are not game-breaking bugs, so it's easier for you as a player to overlook them. The only thing that could sometimes cause irritation was that certain areas sometimes took a long time to fully load. Furthermore, the battles are tactical and dynamic.

Difficult or challenging?

Veterans will quickly find their fingerspitzengefühl and notice that the game has not changed much in terms of button combinations. However, it can be a bit more difficult for new players here. Ramping in buttons to unleash special attacks can have a tricky learning curve. Sometimes buttons can't respond completely as you would expect, or a light joystick movement is taken up more heavily.
Yury, the main character, is one to remember. This understated hero draws you right into the storyline and he is one of the highlights of the Tales of Vesperia games. The interactions and dialogues with your teammates are also on the same level as Final Fantasy XV, where the dynamism and love come to the fore on the screen. Humor is also welcome and this is also an important aspect within the story. The game knows when to be light and when to be black.
Tempowise the story is a bit slower in the first hours, after which it is picked up and will progress faster. This Tales game has everything from mini-games to a deep crafting system. The game keeps throwing new elements at you and these don't feel like a cheap cash grab to give the game more content, no! The content in Vesperia is truly worthy of the RPG genre. So the game not only has an original, emotional, funny and compelling story, but also great gameplay elements.
The crafting system is not only deep, but can make the game a lot easier. This will make a game that can otherwise be too challenging at times more enjoyable. Those who like the challenge can make homemade weapons or add-ons as strong as they want. There are plenty of collectibles to find such as special animals and lore books filled with background stories about the Tales world.


Tales Of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is a title like no other. What used to be a game that lifted the JRPG genre, is now one that can easily keep up with the times after all these years. If you haven't had a chance to play the franchise yet and you no longer own an Xbox 360, now is your chance to pick up the game for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and even the Nintendo Switch. Unravel yourself in an emotional and compelling story and discover a great aesthetic world full of mysteries and challenges!

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