Review: Survival with monkeys in The Survivalists

WILLSON! Oh no MONKEY! The Survivalists is a new survival game from the creators Team 17. Team 17 known for games such as Worms, My Time at Portia, Overcooked, Golf with your Friends, Blasphemous and The Escapists comes with an entertaining game where you have to survive on a "uninhabited " Island. But luckily you are not completely alone on the island. But whether that is entirely happy remains to be seen.

The Survivalists is a game that can be placed in the same vein as The Escapists in terms of design. A somewhat pixel-like art has been chosen. Despite this, the game looks good with cheerful colors and lively fauna. Simplicity is also the common thread through this game. After all, there are quite a few survival games in which you can build and make an infinite amount. Team 17 has opted for a somewhat simple way of survival with this game. But it doesn't feel like you're falling short in this game. The number of things you can build or make is not very much, but the building process for the items is a bit longer. Each item needs basic parts that are processed from raw materials. From those basic materials you move on to the more advanced materials until you get to the item you need.

In addition, building a house and such in The Survivalists is a somewhat longer grind than in games such as Rust. This also contains the same element as what you need for making items. Convert raw materials into workable materials with which you can build your house and build defenses. The world you find yourself in is huge. Building a new raft is certainly not an exaggerated luxury. The world consists of quite a few islands, each with its own stock of materials. To make really high end items you will be forced to leave your first island anyway to look for an island with those materials.

You don't just survive in The Survivalists

Sitting alone on an island is not always fun. That's why you can play The Survivalists together with friends. You can play with three other friends and divide the tasks to build a beautiful new settlement on one of the islands. If you don't have any friends (of course we do, even if you say you don't), there are monkeys on the islands who are willing to help you with all the love. However, you must first help them yourself. This can be done by freeing them or by feeding them a certain type of food they want. Once given what they want, they will help you with everything. You can teach the monkeys things. You can teach them how to fight, craft objects, chop wood or collect wood. You can actually teach the monkeys everything you can do as a player.

The help you get from the monkeys is very useful, especially when you play solo. If you have several monkeys, you can have them collect materials as a team. For example, I had two monkeys chop stones and wood while four other monkeys collect the materials. This allowed me to quietly explore the island and get to know the enemies in The Survivalists. In addition to friendly monkeys, there are also other wild animals on the island that are not so friendly. Bats, tigers, sharks enough animals that would rather eat you than play with you. Fortunately, these animals are also a great source of food for you to keep yourself healthy and alive.

In addition to the animals in The Survivalists, the islands are also only inhabited by Orc-like types. These types love to hunt stranded people. Fortunately, you can quickly arm yourself with a sword, bat or bow and arrow. You can also teach your monkeys to fight. You can sit back as a player if you take an army of monkeys with you to the places where the Orcs are. After all, your monkeys will attack anything that tries to attack you. On the islands there are also a number of small dungeons where you can encounter skeletons. Defeating dungeons will give you fun rewards that will help you survive.


The Survivalists is a simple but fun survival game that you can play alone or with friends. The game looks cheerful and simple because of the pixelated artwork that has been used for the game. The world you find yourself in is quite large for a game of this size. You can't make much in the game, but it's not on the thin side. Partly because you can make things by going through a number of steps, it is more satisfying than simply adding wood somewhere and you have a house. The addition of monkeys that can teach you everything you can is a nice addition for when you play alone. With your monkeys you can outsource a lot of work while you can explore the islands around you yourself. The enemies in the game are not too difficult but not too easy either.

In the beginning it takes some getting used to the control scheme of this game. The Survivalists has standard made a control scheme that is different from what you are used to in other survival games. Fortunately, you can adjust this or not and then you just have to get used to it. Nevertheless, it is still a fun game to play. You can also pick up the game again if you haven't played for a few days. There is no complicated storyline or quests. This means you don't have to dig hard every time in your memory what you were already working on. Team 17 has released a successful survival game. For €25 you have this fun game and it is well worth the price.


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