Review: Super Treasure Arena

Super Treasure Arena for Nintendo Switch is a simple yet extremely fun multiplayer game. With simple retro graphics, a catchy soundtrack and simple game modes, you'll be able to pick a class right away and use the many different weapons to fight your way to the treasure chest.


The goal of the game is simple: collect the treasure chest and as much gold as possible. The game uses a top down style that is very reminiscent of the Zelda games. The fact that you use swords, bows and arrows and other weapons that are very reminiscent of Zelda enhances that effect. Super Treasure Arena therefore uses simple controls so that you will pick up the game effortlessly.
Although the game only has two different game modes in which the goal is almost the same, I still enjoyed the game. However, this will not be the case for long. Don't expect the game to hold your attention for more than an hour. Super Treasure Arena is therefore sold for a small price.
For those who don't have people who want to play along, you can also choose to play against NPCs. These are often ridiculously good in the game. From the moment you start the game, it already looks simple. Players can choose from Local Multiplayer, where you play with your friends. In addition, of course, the possibility to play against players on the internet. However, it took a long time to find a match, and when they did, these players were already advanced in the game. You will often choose to play against NPCs.
You will be able to choose between the Classic Free for All game modes, in which a treasure chest will spawn in certain places in the map. You will have to fight against other players or monsters to smash the treasure chest and collect the gold.
The other mode is called Treasure Run and also revolves around a treasure chest. This time, however, you will have to pick up the treasure chest and take it back to the safe zone with you. Carrying the treasure chest, of course, makes you significantly slower and unable to use your weapons. Again, you not only play against other players but also against monsters that will constantly respawn. These are often undead warriors and bats. The monsters occasionally drop gold and extra health that you will need.
For each round, you may choose one of five classes. These all have a special ability. You will be able to choose between the knight, Mage, Mystic, Ninja and the Rouge. The knight will be able to use his shield making him temporarily invulnerable. The Ninja gets a fire sword that easily kills all enemies. The mage can use fire magic. All of these abilities are temporary.
In addition to the different classes, each with their own abilities, you will be able to choose from a lot of weapons that are scattered around the map. That can be a simple bow & arrow, but also a magic wand or, for example, a rocket launcher. Weapons with an explosion effect can cause you to hit yourself though, so be careful.
Finally, you can choose from a number of different arenas that each provide different experiences. For example, Cove is a smaller map in which you will appear on one of four different spawn points. In this map there is really only one way to get to the center.
Dungeon is a bit more of a maze and therefore gives you as a player more chance to hide.


The soundtrack is perhaps where Super Treasure Arena excels. This is where developer Vennril has made good choices. The retro soundtrack fits well with the graphics and adds to the atmosphere of the game. It is a soundtrack that will make you enthusiastic from the start of the game and that you will not get bored.


The graphics and overall style of the game is very simple but creates a good atmosphere. The character models have a cute cartoon-like look that is reminiscent of the old Zelda games or, for example, Bomberman. Although the game looks simple, a closer look will tell you that a lot of attention has gone into the details.


Super Treasure Arena is not a bad game. However, the game won't keep you busy for long and doesn't have a lot of content. The content that is there will make for a fun experience. Especially when you play the game with some friends.
The game lends itself more to being played in short sessions. This may change in the future when more game modes, maps and of course characters are added. For the small price, however, this is a very impressive game that also makes good use of the portability of the Nintendo Switch and the ability to share a controller.
This is an absolutely ideal game to play with a friend or colleague during a short break. When you are at home you will probably need a more content heavy game.

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