Review: Subdivision Infinity DX

In a universe where No Man's Sky defines a new genre, we dive into another spaceship to make space a lot safer for ourselves, especially ourselves. Subdivision Infinity DX tells the story of a 'Rebel Scum' in space in search of more resources.

No Man's Sky vibes from the first minute, but not exactly on a positive note. The game feels quite empty, illogical at many moments and overall everything hangs together in a silken thread. Despite my many criticisms of Subdivision Infinity DX, the game shines at moments and can be quite an entertaining arcade space shooter.
When I say No Man's Sky vibes I mean a big void with little 'content'. This is exactly what Subdivision Infinity DX also reflects. A large open space in which the lack of relevant content is filled by the mining of asteroids. You play through five chapters, each with five missions and two exploration missions. These exploration missions send you back to the space section of the respective chapter and let you search for chests. These chests are hidden in large asteroids, or space stations.
The strange thing about these missions is that they could have been integrated very easily into the main missions. Side-track for a while to look for boxes that allow you to build new ships. It could even have been that each chapter was just one mission, with different chapters and exploration. During a certain mission you play with certain checkpoints and waypoints so the structure is already used, but on a very small scale that doesn't really make sense. After all, you play every chapter in the same part of the room.


You may already notice it from the tone of my intro, but there is a lot of potential in this game. A space to discover with a common thread where you as a player are 'free' to explore per chapter. You may be missing an inventory management system in-game. You can only do this in the menu where you actually return to your space station. This too could have seen a traveling station where you could fly directly from the game world. You only have limited cargo space on your ship. After mining some asteroids you will need to go back to the main menu through a portal to empty your cargo before you can continue playing.
Especially in a game where you are constantly in space, swallowed by the environment and often completely lose your sense of direction, the structure of missions in this game completely breaks the depth. That's a shame because even while playing the fairly short story missions you will be removed from the mission after one or two fairly simple assignments, after which you can start the next mission. It also doesn't help that the game doesn't have any voices, but gameplay interrupts text fields with pretty uninteresting conversations.
The result of this carelessly devised level design is a rather superficial experience. You will start a mission, do a few simple actions such as shooting a cargo ship and some enemy fighters and start a new mission from the main menu. Continuous draft interrupting by returning to the main menu after a few minutes of action.

So it is possible

Subdivision Infinity DX is not a bad idea. The game in an arcade form with perhaps a more free mission structure in a space region where discovery is rewarded would work very well. While playing I started to realize more and more that putting a player in a large open space and taking it out after a few minutes doesn't work. Once you're working on the slightly longer missions, it actually gets interesting. You are immersed in the action and the environment. Unfortunately, these moments often do not last long and the action is quickly interrupted again.

having said that

If the systems in the game were more integrated with the playing environment, including missions that you could activate from space, this game would have been very entertaining. The game looks very nice at certain times with the planets and different lighting effects in the background. During the battles you also get completely absorbed in the action. It's just such a shame that you're taken out so quickly when there's really no good reason for it.

For the hunters

Whether you're chasing enemy ships or getting extra iron for your new ship, you'll at least be chasing trophies. It is undoubtedly a short game meant for the trophy hunters among us. Within a few hours you will have a platinum trophy by doing nothing more than completing the game. You will unlock most trophies automatically. If you do all the exploration missions and find all the chests you will get almost all the trophies in a single sprint if you keep buying your weapons properly. Finding the boxes is very easy. You can purchase scanners from the in-game store that will display the chests in your HUD.


Subdivision Infinity DX is a game with a lot of potential. Especially in the arcade scene, this game could go far by not taking itself too seriously and putting more challenge and depth into the game that the player could have immersed in without too many limits. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the game and the player is left with a superficial experience where continuous action lasts no more than 5 to 10 minutes. The game lasts about 6 hours and with that you have earned a platinum trophy. Considering the price, not terribly bad, although I think quite a lot of low-hanging fruit was not picked during the development of this game.

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