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Ubisoft has planned a nice preparation for the winter! The X Games Pass is the latest DLC for Steep and brings with it some new things, is this pass worth it? Read it in our review!

Steep came out in 2016 and we were allowed to review the game back then! The numbers were mixed if you look at all the critics, the game was not equally well received everywhere but generally received a lot of praise. Steep is one of those Ubisoft titles that proves itself as the months fly by and the X Games will magnify the game even more. This won't be the longest review of all time, but nice and straight-to-the-point, so you can see if this expansion is worth it for you!


X Treme

The X Games, perhaps the most urban piece of winter sports. The crazier the better, the wilder the cooler. This event is now partnering with Steep and this new game pass has also been created from this team-up. The concept of the game doesn't change very much, which in itself isn't too bad, despite it having some irritations. There are fifteen new events that you must master for the highest possible score. From Freestyle to Slopestyle to the craziest challenges, everything is there.
Although this DLC lacks some innovativeness, it brings with it a completely different atmosphere. The competition is getting tougher, the scores have to be higher and the tricks have to be crazier and cleaner, going nuts is no longer an option! In the  Road to the Olympics expansion, a lot of quality-of-life changes came to the game that drastically changed the gameplay, for the better, if I do say so myself. The controls feel a lot less punishing and a bit more free, despite the annoying g-force bar still exaggerating just as much as an average Kardashian. Fifteen events seems like a lot, but you'll get through this in no time, of course there are a number of extras to make this right.

If you count this addition in the full game, Steep is many times bigger than any other winter sports title and puts the game high in the ranks, close to titles like SSX. The world of Steep also continues to look amazingly beautiful, even though most of it is naturally white. Creating looks and outfits for your character also remains a fun activity and with all the craziness that you can attract, this creates a nice atmosphere.
Steep has mixed a lot of sports in it in the meantime, but my favorite is and will always be snowboarding, there is nothing better than doing crazy tricks on your board. This X-Games DLC allows for a more playful style of play in an otherwise quite realistic game against the arcade-style competitors. The new area, the Alaska X Games Village , also brings with it a somewhat looser theme, with a special piece of content coming in just under a month.

A new area

This  Village  is located in Alaska, as the name suggests. This is a completely new area created especially for this event. This area conveys the urban vibe that the X-Games have quite well. But this new area isn't the only thing yet to come into the game. Now the DLC seems pretty meager, and it might be. It lacks that little bit extra, but Ubisoft got us covered, because more is coming! If there's one thing Ubisoft is good at, it's bringing new and fresh skins to your character, so that's exactly what they're going to do. Among other than..
The X Games Pass comes in three parts. Most of it is the one you can play right now, but there's more to come! Starting November 27, players can enjoy a nostalgic trip through the 90s with the 90s DLC. This one brings a lot of outfits and customization options and is followed by the Rocket Wings DLC. This update brings fifteen new Rocket Wingsuit challenges to completely fly through, literally. Hopefully this makes the update feel a little more complete!


Steep is and remains a great winter sports game. This one certainly doesn't come without its problems, but there's enough love going into the title to keep it fresh and updated overall. The controls are certainly not without irritations, but they already feel a lot freer than ever before, if they just take out that g-force meter then it's completely fine! You can, but not without reason. The X Games Pass doesn't bring much at first glance, but when you look at it as a whole, it is well worth its price tag of fifteen Euros! Ubisoft is far from done with this game.

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