Review: Stealth hardware

We are all familiar with the low budget gaming gear such as Big Ben and Speedlink. Soon we will be able to add a new producer: Stealth. We have received three products to test. This concerns a headset, headstand and a charger for the PlayStation 4. Not a high-tech review, but a simple intuitive gamers review of these beautiful products.

The three Stealth products were neatly packaged. The boxes they came in look fine and sturdy to take your newly purchased products with you. What is immediately noticeable when holding those boxes is the weight of the products. It seems as if the boxes were empty, everything feels so light. Once opened, we luckily saw the products inside. First we pulled out a headstand. Despite the fact that the stand is light in weight, the whole feels sturdy and robust. The modern design fits well with your headset and ensures that your headset stands out nicely. In short, a very nice stand to store your headset when you're done gaming.

The second product we were allowed to test is a charger for your PlayStation 4 controller. The charger is equipped with a USB cable and a screen on which you can see whether your controller is charging and when it has finished charging. The first thing that strikes me is the charging method. Most chargers (including the ones I already have at home) charge the controller from the back via the micro USB port. But with this charger, the input points on the front of the controller are used. The difference with this is directly measurable. The controller from completely empty to full is done in at least an hour and a half. While my other charger takes at least two to three hours to fully charge it. In addition, the Stealth charger is small in size and takes up almost no space.

Classic Gold Abstract Edition Stereo Gaming Headset

Stealth's latest product is the Classic Gold Abstract Edition Stereo Gaming Headset. This headset can be used universally, but you do need to buy a splitter for the PC. Because the headset only has one mini jack connection. This is no problem for the consoles, just plug and play in your controller and you're good to go. But for your PC you need to buy a splitter that breaks up your signal to your mic input and sound output. Unfortunately, this splitter is not included with the headset and I would have liked to have seen it. However, for the seasoned gamer or mature gamer, I would not recommend this headset in terms of fit. The shells do not fall well over your hours and after an hour they hurt or irritate. In addition, the headset feels fragile, but that can also be due to the fact that the headset is super light.
But what surprises me most about this headset from Stealth is how good the quality of the sound and the microphone is. Well it is not a Dolby surround sound headset, but the stereo sound comes into its own very well. The sounds are crisp and clear. The low bass tones are audible but not overpowering. The volume is adjustable to the controller that is attached to your cable. Here you can also mute your microphone. The microphone works well and you are perfectly audible to the people you play with. If you prefer to play alone, you can unscrew the microphone and put it next to you.


Stealth's products are a great buy for the budget gamer or for parents who want to provide their child with a headset. The headset costs around 30 euros and is therefore a bargain compared to the big boys. But for the seasoned gamer I wouldn't buy this one. The wearing comfort is not optimal to sit on for hours. The charger is one that we recommend to everyone. The controller is charged in no time and because it is so compact you could just continue gaming. The headset stand is a nice addition to store your headset or to display it when you're not gaming. For the time being, you can only have the products come from England. But if all goes well it will soon be available in the Netherlands itself.

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