Review: Spellbreak – Harry Potter Royale

Spellbreak is Proletariat 's unique take on the battle royale genre. Unlike the gun-oversaturated games, in Spellbreak you only use your hands, with a mismatched set of gloves, do you?

Meanwhile, the Battle Royale genre has a number of major powerhouses including Fortnite, Warzone and Apex Legends. Recently, the world has become richer in a game in this genre, although Spellbreak takes a slightly different approach than you are used to.

The main drive in Spellbreak is that you don't use firearms like in the aforementioned Battle Royale titles. You use spells that are tied to a certain gauntlet, ie: Gauntlet. Each glove has two unique spells. These usually consist of a spell that you can continue to use as long as your mana is available. The other spell works with a cooldown period of a few seconds. Each glove contains one of six elements that you can use in the game. It's up to you to find the ideal combination.

easy to learn

Spellbreak is fairly easy to understand. It is, after all, a battle royale game. The goal is clear, be the last one standing. Before you start a round you choose one of the six gloves to start with, this is your class during the round. There are currently six unique classes in the game: Frostborn (ice), Conduit (electricity), Pyromancer (fire), Toxicologist (poison), Stoneshaper (stone), and Tempest (wind).

Your class choice determines your primary element for the upcoming round. In addition to the unique spells, each class has a range of talents. These are basically a set of passive perks that take you into battle. Each class can use the same talents, although a certain talent might fit a certain class better in terms of play style.

By playing with a certain class you level up, unlocking rewards consisting of new talents and cosmetic changes for your character. All classes should be played separately to get the most out of the game, especially all the different talents.

Hard to master

It immediately gets a bit more complex once you've finally started a game. You choose a location to start. Unlike a dropship that many Battle Royale titles opt for, in Spellbreak you simply fall out of the sky. You choose your location in advance and you can also see approximately where other players want to land from the selected circles.

Once grounded, the usual Battle Royale gameplay loop starts. Find stuff, defeat enemies, find more stuff and stay in the shrinking play area. Like your traditional Battle Royale, the map is soon surrounded by a storm that makes more and more of the field unplayable.

Part of the search for better gear is finding a second glove. This has a different element than your primary glove. So you can't pick up a fire glove twice. The trick is to find a glove that works well with your playing style, as well as your primary glove. Certain elements can combine in a deadly way.

The most famous combination that the game already explains to you in the intro is Dragonfire. You make this combination by combining fire and poison. For example, you shoot a poison cloud at the enemy with your poison glove, shoot the poison cloud with a fireball and a big explosion forms.

Master of Elements

Spellbreak has a lot of combinations and it is really fun to find out in a playful way what works and what doesn't work for you. In addition to dealing damage, certain elements also come with other ways to turn the tide. For example, electricity spells cause your opponent to receive a shock. As a result, the enemy cannot cast spells for a while, but can still move. Ice allows you to freeze your opponent, but you can also use it to create a path on the ground so that you can quickly slide over it. Electricity creates a shield that can ward off certain spells for a short period of time.

Combining spells can work to your advantage as well as against you. If you make an ice rink to escape quickly, an enemy Conduit can energize this path so that you cannot cast a spell for a short time. A tornado to escape with as Tempest can turn into a poison or fire tornado causing you damage. Combining a tornado with poison and fire then creates a triple vertical explosion that immediately sees stars in front of the escaping Tempest.

There are a lot of possibilities and literal elements that you have to take into account while playing. This keeps every game very interesting and unique because every player has their own style of play.

There is more

Not only careful selection of spells, combinations and talents will make you a master at casting spells. Finding the right gear is crucial to your survival. For example, you will find scrolls that ensure that the talents you have chosen for your class become more effective while playing. Each round you can make your talents three times stronger by finding the right scroll for the right kind of talent.

Positioning is extremely important in Spellbreak. Both for carefully placing attacks, but also for dodging enemy spells. Jumping and hovering cost your mana and from the same pool of mana you also get your attacks. Hovering and attacking ensures that you quickly go through your mana stock. This fills up very quickly, but if you run out, you can no longer float and your path, down, is very predictable for the enemy.

This is where a new phenomenon comes in: Runes. Runes provide an extra spell that you work on cooldown. Runes add great flexibility to your movement options in a round. There are Runes that allow you to perform an evasive dash, but there are also Runes that allow you to fly, jump far up, become temporarily invisible and see enemies through walls for a short time.

Again, your playing style determines which Runes suits you best.

A great personality

The great thing about Spellbreak is that you can completely adapt the game to your own playing style. You just have to figure out whether this playing style is effective. Unlike other Battle Royale titles, Spellbreak is one of the most unique where not necessarily one type of weapon with a certain set of attachments forms the so-called meta.

For example, I personally find it very nice to start as a Pyromancer and to combine it with a poison glove. I can attack enemies from afar with fireballs, I have my poison shotgun up close and I have two ways to deal a lot of damage with a Dragonfire combination. With the Flight rune I quickly escaped or if I choose the Invisibility Rune I can sneak up on the enemy with a very painful Dragonfire combination at close range.

Room for improvement

Despite Spellbreak playing very enjoyable, there are also plenty of points for improvement in the game. So it is very quiet while playing. I really miss the audio feedback, especially watching games like Apex Legends. Little did I know I'd miss the many character interactions from that game so much if they weren't there. For example, I miss the interaction between characters as soon as you take out an enemy, you point to certain objects with the ping system or as soon as the ring comes at you. Take Apex Legends for example, where characters are constantly interacting with each other, keeping you aware of everything around you while keeping you focused on the gameplay. For example, the mages can notify you during gameplay in a similar way:

"We are inside the next ring!", "Epic Wind Gauntlet here!", "The ring is moving, we are close.", "Exiled an enemy!", "Whole squad down.", "Only 2 enemy squads left !"

The ping system is also on the poor side, you can't ping enemies, but only objects and locations. This system can also be expanded, especially if you play in squads with random players. Better stolen well than badly invented, right?


Spellbreak is a unique Battle Royale that is most customizable to players' own playstyle. Instead of certain characters with a certain strategy, Spellbreak allows you to mix everything together in the way that works best for you. The result is very pleasant to play and feels very good if your tactics achieve good results. Proletariat lays a more than excellent foundation for a game that can be strengthened on many fronts in terms of convenience, team play, but also gameplay.

I am therefore certainly curious what the future has to offer for this game and in the meantime, with great satisfaction, throw the fire at my opponents.


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