Review: The Sims 4: Country Living

The Sims 4 has released another great expansion, Country Living! In addition to urban living where your Sims can live in apartments in hip neighborhoods, you can now live in the Henford-on-Bagley area. A picturesque neighborhood with lots of nature and a beautiful center where your Sims can enjoy a Burgundian life.


Finally we have a choice of animals larger than dogs, where Sims 3 had the option to own horses when Pets came out The Sims 4 players had to wait for this expansion for bigger animals. Now you can call yourself owner of llamas and cows! But you can also keep chickens and brighten up your life with morning chatter. When I was playing I even spotted rabbits in the game that I could tame? So many new animals in this expansion. Use the cows, llamas and chickens usefully to obtain products from the animals. This way you can get eggs and milk cows, you can sell this or use it for cooking, for example!


When you build or buy a house you can now choose certain challenges with this house. You do this by clicking on the house in build mode, at the top left of your screen, and then going to the question mark. With this new icon you will see a lot of new challenges that can make your game more interesting. For example, in The Sims 4: Country Living, you can choose to live simply. In this challenge, the trick is to provide all the ingredients before you can cook. Do you want to eat pancakes? Then you first need flour, eggs and milk. This way you and your Sims have to work to really get things done. You can also opt for the challenge of the wild foxes. Because if there's one thing foxes love, it's your new tasty chickens!

Items and Gameplay

A new expansion comes with a bunch of new items in the game. The Sims 4: Country Living is all about the small farms and houses, for example you can build really old English country houses or large farms. You can also wear new clothes, be and countless new hairstyles and new interests and wishes. You can now choose the wish to run a real farming life. This way your Sims spend a lot of time outside and around the animals. It is important to build a good relationship with your animals, this way your Sims will make close friendships and you will get much more in return than you invest. Everyone can understand how therapeutic it is for an overworked Sim to snuggle up to your little cow after walking awkwardly into the toilet where you saw your partner sitting on the potty, akward…


Something we, at least I, had been waiting for for years; ponds! No more messed up pool that had to function as a pond in that one beautiful house. No, all my Sims now get a real beautiful pond! With fish in it, dragonflies, fireflies, ducks, something secret and CROCODILES?! But no mosquitoes, we'll leave them behind, I don't need them. But with ways to work the landscape and fill craters with water, your Sims in The Sims 4 will finally get a nice pond in the garden! Play or fish in your own pond and you will never have to leave the house to cast your rod in that canal, profit!


Still, I would have loved it if horses had been added because this also entails so much game play. Still, I'm definitely happy with this expansion. Not all of my Sims need cows and/or llamas, but a little chicken here and there sure is fun! I also love the new items, in fact they can be used almost all without farm vibes. All in all I'm having a lot of fun and I give this expansion The Sims 4: Country Living a big 9!

Get the base game The Sims 4 before getting the expansion, then go wild with your new animals, items, and ponds! And if you didn't miss the previous expansion, click here !

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