Review: Serious Sam Collection

Serious Sam is, for me at least, a nostalgic piece of diamond. That trilogy of great games now has an HD collection, in which you can play all 3 titles on your current generation console. I've played the games on both PS4 and PS5, but what did I think?

The Serious Sam collection consists of Serious Sam: The First Encounter, The Second Encounter and Serious Sam 3: BFE. It is of course pointless to review these classics all over again. So, this review will mainly focus on the performance, as well as the look & feel of all 3 titles. There is also a platformer in the collection, but that does not add much to the whole. What this collection is all about is playing three classic games on a less classic console!
AAAAH yourself!

Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD left me with mixed feelings. It is in fact the best game of them all and I have more than beautiful memories of it, but it is also the game that has aged the worst. That is partly logical, because the game came out in 2001. When I was about 7-8 years old, I always played the game with my dad. Playing that game now brought back a lot. All those crazy monsters, over-the-top weapons, dry humor (which I only understand now, because yes, I was 7) and most of all, very, very much chaos. The enemy design in this part is really diverse and each enemy requires a different tactic or weapon. My favorite enemies are the headless kamikaze who run at you with bombs in their hands screaming like it's a Zalando commercial. Nevertheless,the game looks better than ever with the HD textures, this also applies to the performance. A point of criticism, however, is the input latency. You notice of course that the controls are stiffer than today, which is very logical. Still, it's a shame they didn't fix the input lag. This makes it very difficult to aim accurately. That would immediately be my only and major downside. However, I can imagine that this could be a deal breaker for some.However, I can imagine that this could be a deal breaker for some.However, I can imagine that this could be a deal breaker for some.

Other than that, The First Encounter is just stupid fun. You set your mind to 0, unless you come from Urk, then you don't have to, and you start popping! There are many missions, maps, enemies and especially weapons to discover in this cool classic. Anyway, how do the other parts play?

The Second Encounter

The second part in the Serious Sam trilogy came on the market a year later, in 2002. So there was a fairly short time frame to develop a new game. The biggest difference is that in this game you get the weapons less gradually, but you have a whole arsenal quite early on. This part also offers an online segment, which doesn't appeal to me much and will also feel quite stiff for the current tides. However, that does not mean that the story of this second part is not and remains fantastic. The game looks better than the first and also plays much smoother.

The game has more enemies, more weapons, a better UI and more interactive missions. The input lag is also much, much less here. A big advantage if you ask me. Graphically, the game is also quite different from the previous one.

Time makes everything better, right?

It was quiet in Serious Sam land, was he retired? No man, in 2011, our killing machine is back in all its glory, or well, you would think so. It's been years since a new title in the series, so you'd expect development to reap better in the final game. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The biggest leap this title makes is in the field of graphics. Yes, the game plays more smoothly, but BFE lacks that old-fashioned Serious Sam feeling. You can already notice that the game is starting to lack personality. That doesn't take away from the fact that it's a great game.

The game adds melee combat, works in a graphics engine with a major upgrade and there's much, much more blood. BFE also has more modes, such as survival. It is probably the most interesting for newcomers to play, but for me the first 2 titles remain the best of the 3. The game plays very smoothly on the PS5, wink wink.


The Serious Sam collection will mainly be intended to draw old fans back for a while. The collection is also available on the Nintendo Switch, which is really cool. It's a great collection to play, however, newcomers will start to feel like they're playing an outdated game, which they are. So, are you nostalgic? Then this collection is definitely for you. Are you new to the Serious Sam games? Then it's up or down!


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