Review: SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball

SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball is a Switch title that pushes the boundaries at Nintendo and has made the front page of the eShop a little more spicy than many a parent would wish. Can this pinball game win more than just hearts?

Nintendo's family-friendly console is also an area where respect is still important. Between the colorful worlds of Mario and Zelda are a number of colorful titles that are not immediately suitable for experimenting. Today we take a look at a pinball game and why it may or may not be suitable for your household.


In SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball you are in a game shop where a competition is being held. One girl decides to go to the toilet, but finds out that the soap has run out. She curiously searches for soap in the cupboards in the toilet. She thinks she has found soap, but this turns out to be something completely different.
The maid comes back from the toilet and has open ears, animal-like lingerie and makes animal noises. The stuff wasn't soap, but an experimental stuff hidden to prevent cases like this. Unfortunately, the effect of this stuff is contagious and a handful of ladies are now infected and they take on the role of dog, cat and a number of animals. It's up to you to turn them back into a full human being.


Because the stuff is only experimental, the ladies haven't been completely transformed into animals, but they still look very human. They have been given ears, wear their animal's fur as lingerie and have a tail.
There is, of course, only one real solution to this problem. As we all know. You solve this of course by the vibration of the pinball machine. By placing the ladies on top of the pinball machine and working to get as many points as possible you will eventually free the ladies from their animal form.

It's really just a pinball game

The game itself is nothing more than a pinball game. Not the most interesting I've ever seen, but not necessarily bad either. There are enough targets (not what you think of) to stay focused on pinballing. You can play the story from five perspectives. In terms of gameplay it always remains the same, so you will only see some variations in 'story'. The perspectives are given based on the different ladies involved in the whole incident.
Your goal is to reach the climax with these ladies by sending enough incentives her way through the pinball machine. You actually do this by building a high score and you have several options for this. You know them from the traditional pinball machines or video games. Build doublers by hitting different points on the field.
You will have to score three times a number of points to complete the level. Every time you reach such a number of points, the lady who is on the pinball machine will succumb for a while. As soon as you shoot the ball at her, a mini-game will start. The third time this happens you will have to shoot the balls directly against her breasts or behind in the minigame to score points. Once you've done this, you'll finally free the lady from whatever was going on. Her animal lingerie breaks off spontaneously, after which she takes a position, exhausted, full of shame and without clothes, so that you cannot see what was hiding under that animal fur.

Some extras…

Once you have finished pinballing you will receive a number of rewards depending on your score. These rewards include clothing items for the various ladies. What exactly are these items of clothing for you? Well, watch out.
There is a feature in the game that you can enter from the main menu where you can undress and undress your ladies with the different items of clothing. Then you can put them all together with a specific pose to take a screenshot or something. If it still sounds innocent so far; there are poses that literally contain the word cleavage.
If all this is not exciting enough, there is another game mode or feature called 'intimacy'. You might have guessed that everything behind this door will be quite 'intimate'. This is also true because you can choose to select a lady and massage her? You can massage the lady in intimate places, or spray it with water. A heart will slowly fill as you go about it, but I have no idea what it's for.


SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball is the weirdest game I've played this year. While the pinball part isn't all that bad in itself, and the storytelling and voice acting are of expected quality for an anime-inspired title like this one, the actual content is pretty sparse.
It's all about repetition in this game. You can immediately start pinballing without a story, but there is no variation in that gameplay to call it a must. If you're completely mad about the scantily clad ladies and the fantasy stories around them warm you up, it might be a game for you. However, are you looking for a harmless pinball experience? Then I advise you to continue your search.

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