Review: Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, or Resident Evil 8 is now available and last weekend we turned the game completely gray for a while. What about the sequel in Ethan Winters ' story? Find out exactly where YMCA comes from with your new favorite Village People.

Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Although you can also play the game if you missed the previous part. Before you start your adventure, you have the option to see a small summary of part 7. We get back into the shoes of Ethan Winters who previously had an affair with the Baker family in Louisiana.

Resident Evil 7

Fast forward a few years and we see Ethan Winters at home, with Mia and their daughter Rose. It doesn't take long before this cozy home atmosphere is interrupted and we suddenly wake up next to a crashed transport truck. We make our way through a dark forest to the village, where the rest of the game will take place.

Resident Evil Village continues the story of Ethan Winters from part 7. All events in Village are standalone, so the game is very playable without prior knowledge. However, do you want to understand all the references and small details? Then it's useful if you've played previous Resident Evil games so you know who Chris Redfield is, what Umbrella is, who the BSAA are and how everything is somehow connected. But even if you don't know all this, it's no problem. You have to start somewhere. And if Resident Evil Village is that start, then you've made a very strong start.

Go Tell Aunt Rhody

In Resident Evil Village we play again as Ethan Winters from the previous installment. You are looking for Rose, your daughter. She is missing and must be somewhere in the village, but where? From cupboard to wall, you move through the village and all its large setpieces in search of your daughter. Everything in the usual Resident Evil way. This means that you are constantly looking for objects that serve as keys or codes to progress in a certain area. You solve puzzles, defeat a wide variety of creatures and collect money and items to ensure your survival.

This year, Capcom is celebrating its 25th Resident Evil Birthday, and Resident Evil Village feels a bit like that too. You don't get a cake and you are not necessarily welcomed with open arms. I don't mean that either. The game feels like a collection of all the best Resident Evil moments from the past few years. This is how you play with the perspective from part 7. First Person. Gives the village and certain other elements, such as Duke the merchant, a Resident Evil 4 vibe. Do we get short pure scary segments like in part 7. Does the puzzling, hiding and searching back and forth look the most like part 2 and we even get some intense combat sections like in part 6. But don't worry, they are in this part not bad.

In short, you play a very varied, but wonderful Resident Evil game in which everything comes in handy a few times. And it does so in such a way that it feels natural and well-placed. No piece feels stretched or out of place. It fits nicely and it goes at a nice pace. This means that your first playthrough, in which you want to see and do as much as possible, will take you about 8 to 12 hours.

Resident Evil Village is Short but mighty

Eight hours are quite short, but actually we are used to this from Resident Evil games. In addition, we again have to deal with many extra options after completing the game. There is no A or B Route, but there are plenty of reasons to play through the game one more time. This way you will only unlock the most difficult play style after you have completed the game for the first time, regardless of the difficulty level. However, before you start with this most difficult playstyle, you may want to prepare yourself a little better for it. This can be done through the Extra Content Shop where you can, for example, buy new weapons for subsequent playthroughs. If you want to finish it, you throw unlimited ammo at it.

Because of these extra challenges I have now gone through the game 3 times, one of which is a full playthrough with only a knife. You are looking at additional playthroughs of approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. In these playthroughs you can then complete new challenges, complete previously missed tasks, such as finding all the wooden goats, and more.

It is also not wrong at all to play a well-polished game of a few hours. In the full 8-12 hours of your first playthrough, you'll be in suspense, action and story every minute. No filler, no unnecessary side missions, just almost 12 hours of pure polished gameplay. Not all games need to be 80 hours long and you spend more than half the time doing tedious chores.

Dimitrescu is not the only "Resident Evil"

Much of the marketing for Resident Evil Village revolved around the castle of the female vampire Dimitrescu and her daughters. This is the first major set piece you will end up in after you first enter the village. Although you may be used to previous Resident Evil games that the game mainly takes place in one place, that is not the case now. In addition to the village that acts as a kind of hub, there are about 5 large set pieces in which the game takes place. Each one unique in design and gameplay.

If you can't get enough of all the action? Then after completing the game a new mode is available: Mercenaries. The different areas of the game now turn into a kind of arcade arena in which you have to shoot as many enemies as possible within a certain time with a weapon of your choice. This allows you to embrace the action even after playing the story with the many varied enemies and weapons. Another nice nod to Resident Evil 4.


Resident Evil Village is a delightful amalgamation of all kinds of Resident Evil titles from the past few years. Whether it's your first or 29th Resident Evil game. Village knows how to nail you down for a few hours with sheer excitement. It combines the many gameplay elements from the entire series in one game in a nicely cohesive whole with many more types of dangers than you are used to. The story is again horrific, has the necessary twists and above all: Leaves you yearning for more. In short: Everything you want from Resident Evil.


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