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Remnant: From the Ashes is a Dark Souls-like RPG that lets you survive in a grim and chaotic world. This third-person survival-action game is set in a post-apocalyptic world with some unprecedented enemies. It's up to you to stop the chaos in the world alone or with your friends. Are you ready? We certainly do, and we want to tell you all about this unique title in our review of Remnant: From the Ashes.


Remnant is set in a dark world, overloaded with chaos. Ancient enemies have made their way into your world from other dimensions and it is therefore the greatest goal to counter this evil. Humanity is fighting very hard for survival, but possesses the technology to open portals to other dimensions and realities. The story is told with lots of cinematography and conversation. The game comes from Perfect World Entertainment, a studio no stranger to the RPG genre. The game is made by Gunfire Games, known from Darksiders 3 among others. So you already know what to expect!
The story doesn't go very deeply into certain aspects, but is interesting enough to keep you going. The cinematics and conversations you have with NPCs are fun and you can choose your own answers. NPCs therefore react appropriately to the answer you give them. This was great to see in a title that went under the radar for many. But, the story is not the focus of this game, it is more with the gameplay.


Remnant: From the Ashes is a game that plays well. You can create your character in the beginning, male or female. There are even some customization options here and there, including your hair style or skin color. After a short introduction you will soon be faced with the choice, which class will you take? 
Are you going for the Hunter, a real brain teaser with long-range weapons? Or is the Ex-Cultist more your thing, a support with medium-range weapons? Finally, you have the option to go as Scrapper, a close-range tanky class with nice melee weapons at your disposal. Whatever you choose, you don't want to try to survive Remnant's world alone. After the tutorial you will find out that you can play the world of the game with multiple friends. Together with two others you can fight the evil of the four large zones. 
You have to constantly upgrade your armor and weapons and you will also find or get several new weapons after boss fights. You level yourself by investing trait points in different traits. These traits give you the opportunity to get more health or stamina, but this system goes a little deeper. So by discovering the world you get several new traits that you can level up, you can also discover these in the open world!

Hey, that did awww!

You soon find out that the game is no joke and that boss fights and even wandering through sewers can give you a quick death. Bullets are also scarce and you will have to keep picking up enough from your dead enemies. All loot you find in the world will automatically be shared with your team, except bullets. This was a pretty nice addition and makes playing with strangers a less stingy experience. The boss fights have clear mechanics and you will get plenty of boss friends against you. For example, I constantly died with two friends at the same boss. This evil man called the Gorefist was a pleasant challenge for a first dungeon boss fight. In the video review you will notice how I did it.

The world

The world of Remnant: From the Ashes was a pleasant surprise for Malvin. You make your way through different zones and you can consider the game a bit like a dungeon crawler. For example, you will have to backtrack to open earlier ports, so that you don't have to walk around later, which is handy! The world is divided into four major zones. Earth, or Earth, is in great chaos, and you will have to fight the invasion here. There are three other zones, each with its own atmosphere.
The same goes for enemy design. Each zone has its own enemies with their own status effects that they can throw at you. For example, it can sometimes be irritating to get sick of corruption, in which your character coughs its lungs out. These are all nice drawbacks that you can overcome with items but can make it challenging if you're not properly prepared. Items like ammo boxes, Oilskin Potions, and Health Potions make it easier to survive the world, but you'll run out of supplies in no time, so think carefully about when to use something. At every checkpoint, all negative status effects will disappear and you will be completely better!


Remnant is a big game and in this review we have only mentioned a small portion of the features. You can see more about this in our video review, it will appear on our channel soon . All in all, I was positively surprised with a game that went well under the radar elsewhere. Remnant is a challenging but above all unique and fun experience and anyone can pick up the game and have hours of 'fun', or break their keyboard. The game is challenging and has quite a few in-depth aspects. The balance between items and traits feels fair and challenging from day one! We can therefore strongly recommend the game to everyone!

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