Review: Red Dead Redemption 2

After 8 years it is finally here. The second part of Red Dead Redemption. And so far this game has often given me big eyes and a big smile.

First of all I have to say that this game is so big and with so much to do. Because of this, I have to write this review without having played most of the game.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is presented as a prequel to the first part. It's 1889 and most of the wild west has been tamed. All outlaws and gangs are arrested or killed. You play as Arthur Morgan, member of the Dutch van der Linde gang and right-hand man of Dutch. When you have played the first Red Dead Redemption you will recognize John Marsten in the gang. The game begins when the gang is on the run after trouble in Blackwater and looking for a new place to stay. Once a temporary place has been found to set up camp, survival begins in the wild west. You get the camp under your care and you have to take care of, among other things, the finances and well-being.
Just about everything you expect in a western is covered. This way you can raid people and trains or have a saloon fight. Go help your gang members escape from prison or have a revolver duel. You also go hunting and fishing or find a camp of a rival gang and shoot everything.


The game starts linearly and doesn't immediately let you loose in the world. 3 hours later it is explained what you definitely need to know and you can go wild in the open world. Although a lot has been said about the way of playing, there is still a lot that is explained or that you have to figure out yourself. This goes very deep. For example, you have a health bar with a health core. You will need to eat and drink throughout the game to keep your health core full. If you don't do this and your core is depleted it will affect your health bar and it will deplete faster. It works exactly the same with your stamina. Your horse also has these bars and you will have to maintain them well. For example, your horse can get dirty and you have to brush or wash him in a river and you will have to feed him.
How deep can they go? If you eat too much you can become overweight and this is bad for your health core. You can also eat too little so you will have to keep a good balance. If you go to cold areas, you have to adjust your clothing accordingly. If you're going to do something the sheriff's don't like, you can wear a bandana over your face. If you are recognized during your outlaw activities, you will have to go after the witness and persuade them not to say anything. And the horses, I was lying double when I walked around the back of a horse and it kicked me over.

Good or bad?

There is a good or bad system built in. Every choice you make in the game affects the world you live in. If you are a real outlaw, people will react differently to you than if you are a good person in the game. With each person you address you can choose to greet or provoke. Throughout the game, you will randomly meet people who ask for your help. Everything is optional and you can do it however you want. This way you can completely create your own story within the story line.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is definitely not for the sensitive person. So you go hunting and you will have to skin your shot game. They show this in reasonable detail. Also during shooting fights there is sometimes a bloody close up of your descending opponent. I also once fell down a cliff with a horse and had to finish the horse with a knife through the heart. When this happened I sat down to see if this was really true. During this time I got a "bad" rating for making the horse suffer. You can also shoot an arm off with a well-placed shot from your shotgun.

Lots of distractions

As we are used to from every Rockstar game these days, you are pretty distracted from the story line. For example, as mentioned before, you can help random strangers you come across and eradicate camps of rival gangs. There are also games to play such as Dominos and Poker. You can also break into houses or go out as a bounty hunter. There is also a lot to collect such as cigarette cards or dinosaur bones. Not to mention there are many animals and plants to study and collect.


It took me a while to get the hang of all the controls. Once this is in place it all works fine. The controls also have some drawbacks. The horse is sometimes a bit difficult to control and because of this I have caused the necessary accidents. I also find it very disturbing that I can't run in the camp, for example. No idea why they did this but it is extremely disruptive and time consuming. Another point that I found less effective is the item recognition. What I mean by this is when there is an item somewhere, it is sometimes poorly marked to pick up or interact with. Because of this I had to walk back and forth every now and then before I could pick something up.


I'm really surprised what graphics they can pump out of a PlayStation. The world is fully rendered and looks fantastic. From the snowy mountains, where very beautiful traces remain, to the fields and forests. Even if you hit a branch with your horse, it bends. These small details make this game a gem. There are also some points that could be improved. For example, the legs of a horse at full gallop are not right


Red Dead Redemption 2 is in one word WOW. A super game that is sometimes a bit on the slow side, but this does not spoil the fun. Highly recommended for anyone who likes westerns. Except for a few minor beauty flaws, there is nothing to complain about.

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