Review: Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Steel Wave

A while ago we were allowed to play Operation Steel Wave, so we were very impressed by the originality that Rainbow Six Siege can still maintain after 5 years. Has anything changed after launch?

Operation Steel Wave introduces two new operators, a rework of House, and some other game quality changes. Rainbow Six Siege has always been a strong shooter, at least after a lot of work after a rough start. However, Siege is one of the biggest competitive shooters today. What will the new expansion for the game look like?

I'll rebuild your garage door!

Operation Steel Wave introduces two new operators: Ace and Melusi. Let's start with our new hard-breacher Ace. His gadget of choice is the SELMA Aqua Breach. He uses metal-bending hydraulics to create a large hole in a reinforced wall. However, this hole will not crush your garage door in one bang, but has a number of charges before you can climb through the wall. The gadget also breaks pretty quickly after taking damage.

This makes Ace feel like a pretty balanced operator. His gadget is quite useful but has enough counters. His arsenal, on the other hand, is also quite fine, with an AK-12 and M1014. In his holster you will find a P9, although you will mainly use it to try to give people headshots. Ace is regularly in my operator choice these days and that's not always the case with new operators. Ace fits my playing style perfectly and is (spoiler) my favorite operator this season.

I think my ear is bleeding?

However, Melusi is certainly not a bad choice, despite not promoting my style of play. Her gadget is the Banshee. And no, I'm not talking about Sylvanas Windrunner. This South African operator specializes in audio installations, but the ones that make your ears bleed. Blood creeps where it can't go, shall we say. Her gadget is also a useful addition to the game. Her gadget will blast a high-frequency sound across the room as soon as an enemy operator comes in range. These enemies are slowed down and have reduced hearing ability. So quite useful! You can also use the gadget as a kind of proximity alarm, which is also now in the game.

Melusi also feels quite balanced, she has a lot of counters, but her gadget is also quite overpowered if this was not the case. Besides that, the placement also counts. You really have to place her gadget tactically, so that it doesn't immediately stand out to enemies. Her weapons are the T5 SMG and the Super 90 shotgun. This is a strong arsenal with little recoil! Her pistol is the well-known RG15 from Ela and Zofia.

Corona = renovating

During the pandemic, Ubisoft also felt the urge to renovate the house quite a bit and thus arrives at a rework of the House map. The map now feels cooler than ever. The map feels a little less linear, as inputs have changed a lot. The most welcome addition is the closed garage door. Now there is only one gate left to breach. However, a normal door has been placed next to that left gate. This makes for a little less stress when you have to defend in that location!

Quality of life

Amaru is the buff I liked the most. Her speed has changed and her gadget gets a buff. The windows or hatches only really break when boarding, providing a better element of surprise. There is also a new gadget, the Proximity Alarm. This one imitates part of Melusi's gadget. This gadget will beep when someone approaches. A gadget that can be used tactically by both parties. Attackers can use this to lure the defenders away from an objective.


Operation Steel Wave is another unique addition to Rainbow Six Siege. People with the Year 5 Pass or many Renown are enjoying the new Operators, and for good reason! We can therefore only applaud the new season. Let's hope Siege gets more unique content in the future, as the game continues to prove itself timeless for any system. I'm also curious about a possible next-gen port for the game. Wink.


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