Review: Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Void Edge

Rainbow Six Siege's fifth year has officially kicked off and it's throwing a number of tactics back and forth that could change your playstyle forever. At least for the Oregon map. The renovation provides a typical modern Rainbow Six Siege map layout.

Where Rainbow Six Siege once started as an ugly duckling, Ubisoft didn't want to throw in the towel just yet. Now in its fifth year we are still reaping the benefits and Siege has one of the biggest esports scenes . We're not there yet, because the plans to take the tactical shooter to the next generation are already ready. Before we get to that point, we can get to work for another year with new operators, maps, improvements and more. We'll start with Operation Void Edge, which we've been enjoying for a while before release .

I'll rebuild the facade for you!

Two new operators and a major rebuild in the Oregon map. That's what we can expect from the first season in the fifth year. You could say that the rebuild was done singlehandedly by the new defending operator Oryx. This powerhouse can smash through non-reinforced walls to surprise the enemy, or to simply create a so-called rotation hole. And that without Poké Balls (impact grenades)! To top it off, Oryx is also the only defensive operator who can climb up hatches. There are now two operators who can do this. Amaru, the attacking operator, can also climb up hatches with her grappling hook.

Dutch Pride!

The offensive operator for this season in Rainbow Six Siege is Nienke Meijer, aka Iana. Born in Katwijk! The Dutch operator has a 'Gemini Replicator'. This is a controllable hologram of herself. You can use this to explore, but as soon as an enemy shoots at you, your hologram is gone. Then why not just use a drone? Iana's toy is well suited to lure camping defenders out of the tent. Where a daring peeping attempt can quickly cost you the entire round, there are few life-threatening consequences for Iana. Lure that filthy Echo out from behind its deployable cover and let your teammate finish the job.

A completely different map

Oregon is already an oldie, but with a lick of paint and a major rebuild, Oregon in Operation Void Edge belongs to a quintessentially modern Rainbow map. What I really want to say is that there are many more possibilities to tackle a situation. Small, but also large spaces, many more access points and much more taken into account the current range of operators. For example, new hatches have been placed so that you can already go up from the garage with Amaru so that you can avoid the bottleneck at the stairwell at the main entrance. Again not without risk, because if the hatch is already open, defenders can see the garage door from above.
The upper floor is generally the most affected by the renovation. It is a lot easier for the attackers to enter the building, but on the other hand there are more 'hiding places' for defenders to avoid being killed directly from a window. It feels a bit more balanced and I think that was the intention. The balanced map has become a lot more beneficial for attackers, especially the basement. Still very fair, but compared to the original version it's not so easy to anchor the basement as a defender. Thanks to a fourth entry point, attackers can now literally enter the basement from four different sides. Previously, this was actually only 2.5.
The ground floor generally still looks the best. The kitchen has a new entry point and a number of entry points have been moved or removed, removing almost all spawn peaks.
Watch the video below from Rogue-9 for a video overview of the renovated Oregon map.


Excellent bait, a counterpart to Amaru, with some extra gadgets and a completely rebuilt and fairer map. Rainbow Six Siege's fifth year is off to a strong start with Operation Void Edge. The rainbow development team knows very well what they are doing and are making both large and small adjustments to make the game fairer overall and put the choice more with the player instead of the meta.

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