Review: Rage 2

After Gamescom, a Preview in January and a lot of waiting, Rage 2 is finally out and I can review it. Read what I think below. Does the game manage to overshadow the first part, or is the opposite the truth?

Rage 2 is set in 2165. This is thirty years after the events of the first game. Humanity has found a way to heal the world and turn regions of the wasteland into lush jungles, wetlands and even tundra. Trade is growing and a kind of "Wild West" society is emerging. However, the brutal ways of the old world persist, and these new, delicate biomes are under attack by gangs seeking to control their resources. General Cross and The Authority have returned, waging war against anyone who won't follow their rules.
The player takes on the role of Walker, one of the last Rangers in The Wasteland. He has to make sure that General Cross and The Authority are stopped. He will have to activate Operation Dagger for that. To do this you need help from 3 NPCs. You will have to complete missions and build a reputation for these NPCs. Once you have done this, Operation Dagger will begin.

Open World

The map is a good size and after an hour of playing there is already a lot to do. Also there is a good variety of missions. For example, you can remove roadblocks, eradicate Goon Dens, take over Arches and much more. If you don't feel like missions, you can race or kill mutants in an arena. Because of this you don't get the repetitive feeling that you get with some open world games. You come across so much on the way that you quickly turn off your path to do something or see what you are driving past. And then you will also find data pads everywhere where you can get new locations on the map.

The loading times of these types of games are usually quite long. What strikes me about Rage 2 is that it loads quite quickly. In any case, much faster than I expected. What I do find strange is that loading your inventory screen is very slow. Even if you scroll further a tab, this is very slow. Something you don't expect from a game with otherwise such fast loading times.


You only get/find a few weapons in the game that you can upgrade and you keep them for the entire game. Furthermore, your Ranger suit gives you nanotrite abilities such as Dash, slam and more. All of these are also upgradeable. All this makes Rage 2 no ordinary open world shooter. Watch the weapons and abolition trailer below.

The foot controls work perfectly. Everything responds quickly and as it should. I often ram the wrong buttons in a fight if I want to use abilities. But that's more up to me I guess. As mentioned before, I had a Preview of Rage 2 a while ago. Back then, the controls in the vehicles on the map and the races were horrible. That's why I was most curious to see if they solved this. And in a way it worked. The control in the world is fine and nothing to complain about. It all seems a bit slow but when you start doing car battles you notice that it is nice. In the races it all goes a bit faster and here they have worked out the controls perfectly. Everything reacts as you want. Very happy with it. But then I got on a motorcycle. Impossible! really horrible!

Graphics and sound

The game does look nice. Explosions and light effects look nice. NPCs and cars also look good. Unfortunately, the facial expressions of the NPCs are a bit less. But I don't find that so disturbing. Graphically, the game has its problems. Sometimes there is an invisible person or something else. Can happen. But what bothers me is the lighting. There are parts where the exposure is so low that it becomes a black hole. And this cannot be solved with settings.

The sound in the game also has its pluses and minuses. Also here the whole is quite good but if you really pay attention then it is sometimes strange. Explosions, weapon effects and speech are fine. If you're going to listen to all the bee sounds, I sometimes don't think it fits. Such as squishy sounds when you walk on a hard floor or a strange bell that makes no sense. And the surroundings are sometimes not good either.


Rage 2 is all in all a good game with a reasonable story and wonderfully brutal combat. Nicely filled with NPCs, places to discover and plenty of missions. Definitely not perfect but no major issues. This game will keep me entertained for a while. Everything responds and works as it should (as long as you don't get on a motorcycle). In any case, a game that is definitely worth checking out.

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