Review: Quake – Shaken up for old-fashioned chaos

Quake is back for good old fashioned fun. Are you over 30 and want to relive the glory days of multiplayer FPS? Or are you as a teenager / twenties curious where Halo, Killzone, Call of Duty and all shooters after id get their inspiration from? quake. It's all Quake.

In my opinion, Quake is a bit of the unsung hero of id Software. When we talk about the best First Person Shooter and who put this genre on the map, we usually think of DOOM. While this is certainly true, there is one more franchise that we should definitely not forget. quake.

Personally, I see it as two halves of a perfect puzzle. DOOM put the FPS genre on the map by baking a whole vibe and story into a shooter game. Of course with the obstacles of that time. Slowly but surely the multiplayer generation started and of course id Software had an answer to this: Quake.

Although Quake also has a single player story mode with the necessary expansions, most Quake remind of the multiplayer mode. Rocket jumping, mid-air railgun sniping and so on. Quake was way ahead of its time and to this day I personally have fond memories of Quake 3 Arena in the high school computer lab.

Quake 2021

What is there to say? It's Quake. It all looks a bit sharper than you might be used to, but then again it doesn't, because you always remember your old games more beautiful than they actually were. In any case, the textures are actually sharper than 25 years ago, but that's not the point at all. Quake plays wonderfully. Even 25 years later with a completely different way of control, namely with a Playstation 5 controller. It's fast, fluid and gruesome. It's a breath of fresh air to go back to the roots of 3D shooting games to completely relearn the basics.

Quake's diverse enemy types and level layout make for a fast-paced and action-packed playstyle. Where in contemporary shooters you are provided with more than enough shelter to deploy tactically, Quake is still about old-fashioned action. Run and Gun, choose your target carefully so that you take as little damage as possible and don't let yourself be surrounded by the terrible chainsaw bogeymen.

It's a bit crazy to recreate those rules after years of being spoiled with walls and objects to hide behind. And then triple and thick applies to the multiplayer mode.

That's a trick shot!

Did you think a Knife-Flip 360 no-scope was the bomb? Then try the rocketjump 180 downward mid-air railgun snipe. You'll have to wait a while for Quake 3 to do this, but this was how we did trick shots in the past. So you can see that even the craziest Modern Warfare 2 FaZe movies have their roots at Quake.

The multiplayer of Quake is in theory very simple. You play in arenas with always a certain central point where many roads come together. Here you want to fight with your best weapon pickups, or just defend that one special weapon (the rocket launcher). In Quake you have to pick up your weapons. You start with a pellet shooter shotgun, the better weapons you have to pick up at fixed locations.

The fields always have small thin corridors, platforms of varying heights and open spaces. You can usually find the weapons in the narrow corridors, but the special weapons are more often in the risky places, or just a little bit hidden. Just like in the single player, we go back to the basics of the shooting games and that means you just have to shoot. Hiding is never an option.

More Quake

Quake doesn't stop with a campaign and multiplayer mode because you can also play the story together in co-op. Do you have original game on steam? Then you get the 2021 version for free. Players including Xbox can also pick up the game via Game Pass and with cross-play you play together with your friends, even if they play on a different platform. Even veterans can come back as id Software has created a brand new expansion for the 2021 re-release of the game!

In addition, this version is also open to modifications that allow you to customize the game in different ways. You can therefore already download the Quake 64 version on console. This allows you to play the game with an appearance as if you were playing it on the Nintendo 64. According to Bethesda, more add-ons and mods will be added later in the ride from both Bethesda and the community.


And that's Quake. An old-fashioned shooter full of chaos and a nice throwback to the 90's. Hopefully enough mods will be developed to keep the game refreshing in the current game landscape for now. While it's not a major Call of Duty release, is it fun to play some Quake every now and then with community-developed add-ons? Especially now that it is also possible on console! Nevertheless, do you want to go back in time, or experience where the multiplayer FPS comes from? Check out the 2021 Quake reissue!

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