Review: Pro Cycling Manager 2019

With the start of the Tour de France cycling starts to itch for me. Since I, like most cycling fans, know better than the riders at home, there is now Pro Cycling Manager 2019. Here you can prove to yourself that you know better than the pros. Take charge of one of the existing teams and cycle your team to the top.

Pro Cycling Manager 2019 is a versatile management game. With various play options such as Career, Pro Cyclist, One-off Race and Track. The last two options are for the fast game and you are not managing much. Where the game really gets interesting is in the Career and Pro Cyclist options. In Career you take on the role of team manager. When you start playing Pro Cyclist, you take on the role of your own cyclist. Can you push your way to the top as a cyclist or as a team manager?


As mentioned in the Career option, you take on the role of team manager. As a team manager you are responsible for the ins and outs of your team. When starting up, as a newbie to the game, you can be overwhelmed by the many menus in which you can manage. At your home screen you will receive all basic stats and emails for your team. In the emails you will find all information about your team, your opponents and the media. On the next tab you manage your selection. Here you can set your selection goals, send them to a training camp and have material developed for your team.
Pro Cycling Manager 2019 really deepens the management part. On the first days you are just looking around and trying out things that can improve your team. As time goes on you start to get a feel for the menus and you know more and more what to do and how to do it. However, if you're new to this game, I'd recommend making the menus your own. Because you can go through so many menus, the game can be discouraging, especially if you don't feel like making any progress.

Pro Cyclist

In addition to managing a team, you can also choose to manage your own cyclist in Pro Cycling Manager 2019. In Pro Cyclist you can create your own cyclist, complete with your own name and specialties. Pro Cyclist is a lot easier than managing a team. If you are new to the game then it is definitely recommended to play Pro Cyclist before doing Career. You have quite a few menus and you are purely busy with your single cyclist. Focus in the menu screens is on getting your cyclist in shape. You do this by combining your matches with training and rest periods. Because you don't want your cyclist to get overtired before a race.
But as a cyclist you also have to keep your team and your team manager happy. Because if you don't do this and only listen to yourself, you may just end up on the street. But on the other hand, the better your performance is, the more other teams and bigger teams will show interest in you. Because of course you don't start right away in a team like Quickstep. No, you start at the bottom of the ladder with the smaller teams. As you grow and perform better, the offers of your dream teams will come naturally.


On race day you can choose a simulation or a 3D race. Simulation finishes your race on the spot and immediately provides you with the result of the race. During the 3D race, in the career option, you take charge of your team during the race. You can choose from various orders that you can give to your team. Small tip, use the pause button to give your orders as effectively as possible. In addition to team management, you can also manage individual cyclists. You decide when your cyclists will sprint or when you want them to attack. But you have to pay attention to the beams of your cyclists if you want to do an action.
With the Pro Cyclist option you can only control your cyclist during the race. But the basics remain the same as in career mode. What is different, however, is that as a single rider, you can receive team orders or from your leader (if you are not one yourself). You can ignore these orders, but your team won't be happy about that. If you execute the orders correctly, the satisfaction of your teams will increase. In addition, this also provides the necessary experience points to further develop yourself.


Pro Cycling Manager 2019 is a very comprehensive management game. The two game options described above provide hours of fun. Career mode offers enough challenges and menus to let you go all out as a manager. In the Pro Cyclist option you can let things go a bit more and concentrate on your own cyclist. The game has a long learning curve, especially in the Career option. But nevertheless, the game is entertaining if you have an affinity with cycling.
The races in 3D are fun to watch. In addition, you have more control over your team or cyclists. While the graphics aren't the best, it doesn't interfere with the race. If you are looking for an entertaining game to play in addition to watching the Tour de France, Pro Cycling Manager 2019 is highly recommended. Pro Cycling Manager 2019 is available on steam for $39.99.

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