Review: Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Crown Tundra

It is the first time that a Pokémon game is allowed to receive post-launch content in this way. This started with the Isle of Armor expansion, which came out earlier this year. This was very well received by us , as a worthy addition to the games. But, how is The Crown Tundra compared to the first DLC? Read it here in our review!

The Crown Tundra is the second expansion in the Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Season Pass. Where the base games left a lot to be desired, the first expansion was already a big improvement with the camera, environment and the expansion on the Pokédex. Now The Crown Tundra adds more features, but are they all useful?
What's new?

The Crown Tundra takes you to a completely new area, with the same name of course. This area is full of snow, ice and is very cold! The expansion also adds more Pokémon, including many legendary appearances. You meet new characters and of course play through a new and separate story. The most extensive features are probably the Dynamax Adventures and the Galarian Star Tournament. This is of course also the focus for this review. We all know by now what Pokémon Sword & Shield looks like graphically, how they play and how the story works.

That old feeling

What The Crown Tundra really managed to recapture for me is that mysterious feeling while playing a Pokémon game. This is where you are constantly curious and where the game is just priming you about all the secrets the world holds. You arrive in the Tundra by train, here you go to the south of the Galar region. This DLC also awakens my curiosity on every corner. What if I go here? What if I press this old stone? What lies behind this tunnel? Questions that every old-fashioned Pokémon game raised for me came back for the first time in years in this DLC. This partly has to do with the setting, I'm a sucker for icy areas, but also a certain antiquity, where you will bump into ruins and tombstones everywhere.

The main focus of this expansion is finding Legendary Pokémon. You are going to solve a mystery surrounding Calyrex, where you have to catch the new legendary birds, among other things. There are also quests where you really get an expedition feeling. Along the way you will solve some puzzles and for example find the Regi. The puzzles themselves are not really difficult unfortunately, but that is part of the approachability of Sword & Shield. The story and the characters are again uncomfortable and that makes it fun, if not groundbreaking.

In, out, 2 minute adventure!

If you're heading towards the end-game, the Dynamax Adventures are the most fun to do. Here you will do a series of raids alone or with online players or friends. You do this in order to eventually catch old Legendary Pokémon. Keep in mind that your HP and PP will just be carried over to the next raids. This makes the content here quite challenging. It's especially cool to be able to see and catch all the legendary Pokémon in a game that started with a rather meager Pokédex. For me, this is the nicest feature for the expansion and I had a lot of fun with it. However, I do hope that finding online players will be a lot easier in the next parts, because this can cause some frustration at the moment.

We have a winner

You know that carnival voice? That man who constantly yells "Ww-we have a winner!". Yes, that's what you want to hear when you're going to use your Pokémon for the Galarian Star Tournament. This feature is clearly less cool than the Dynamax Adventures. This new feature is unlocked after the DLC storyline. Here you will engage in Multi Battles with characters in the game. You can win nice prizes here, but the content itself is not very difficult. I really hope the next Pokémon game can expect at least a level of difficulty, because sometimes it takes the fun out of it for me.


The Crown Tundra is another nice expansion, which strengthens the base game on many fronts and also improves it further compared to the Isle of Armor DLC. It opens up a lot of opportunities for the future of Pokémon, but doesn't improve to the point of being a game-changer. In any case, I can recommend this expansion to all fans, especially if you already have the season pass! It's a fun time and who doesn't want new Pokémon content?


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