Review: Playstation Classic

The Playstation Classic is Sony's answer to Nintendo's NES and SNES mini consoles. After all, it does the same thing, only for Playstation games. The Playstation Classic contains 20 pre-installed games.

Sony supplies the Playstation Classic with an HDMI cable, USB power cable and two controllers. There is no adapter included. If you want to provide the device with power, you must have an adapter at home. If you don't have an adapter, all devices that supply power via USB will work too! For example, I used my Playstation 4 to power the Classic. Saves another space in the socket. However, an adapter is a slightly neater solution, because good cable management gives us a loud horn.
The Playstation Classic does exactly what Nintendo's NES and SNES mini consoles do. It emulates games from the past, in this case, games that were playable on the Playstation 1 at the time. However, you can't choose the games yourself. The device has 20 games pre-installed on the device. You can only play these 20 games, you cannot download or buy additional games. This brings us to the Classic's first critique.

Line up

The Playstation Classic has 20 games, but they are not exactly the games you would expect, or are iconic for the Playstation 1. For example, perhaps three or four most iconic Playstation games from the good old days are missing. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and MediEvil are missing from the lineup. On the one hand, this is not very strange, since Crash and Spyro are fully equipped with a remaster for the current generation of consoles and MediEvil is on the way, but Gran Turismo is also missing, for example.

Fortunately, there are also very good games in the line-up. Rayman, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7 and Tekken 3 play wonderfully on the Playstation Classic. While playing you can see yourself going all the way back in time where everything, especially everything, was much better, right? Playing 2D games such as Rayman is no problem at all for the Classic, but as soon as you want to play a 3D game, everything gets a lot more complicated.


The controllers that are included do not have analog sticks. Why? No idea. Maybe for the extra nostalgic factor. In addition, the Classic only supports the two supplied controllers. You cannot connect your old Playstation 1 or Playstation 2 controllers. The 'new' controller uses USB. This 'problem' could have been solved very easily if Sony had developed a connector so that you could also connect the old controllers to the Playstation Classic. At the moment, certain games like Rainbow Six are simply unplayable. Maybe something for the future, but for now it's an obvious flaw.
We have now been working with the device for less than half an hour, after which we have already encountered two major obstacles that nullify the effectiveness of the Classic. There is nothing to say about the appearance. The device looks great and on the outside it is a 1-on-1 copy of the OG Playstation. Even the controller is completely identical to the original controller. That said, the Classic controller does feel a lot cheaper than the original, like you've bought a Chinese counterfeit. Other than that, it functions exactly the same, as expected. The only difference to the controllers is the length of the cable. The cable of the Classic is at least half a meter shorter, so you have to sit closer to the TV, something we may not be used to these days since all modern controllers are wireless.


A tricky point to discuss is the gameplay of the Classic. Game controls used to be a lot different than we are used to today. Where we come across a 'standard' nowadays, this is not really self-evident in the Classic Line-up. You will soon notice this when you start games for the first time. Pressing START to play, for example, is really 'start'. No cross or square. Nowadays we are so used to having all those buttons standardized, so you would expect the same controls for a kind of same game. Certain games are simply playable as you would expect. No problems with most titles, but it quickly becomes uncomfortable when you look at how to control Rainbow Six.
In general, you can say that games used to be much more difficult. The silly controls and camera controls are major shareholders of this statement, it turns out. Although the control of games is not in the hands of Sony at all, it is a point that will influence your experience, where you can again wonder whether certain games belong in this line-up.


Retro gaming remains interesting, for young and old alike. Playstation Classic does exactly what you expect it to do and is therefore a great console for some old-fashioned gaming fun. At least that's true if you're not very interested in very specific titles from the OG Playstation era. It's great that two controllers are included as standard for old-school couch multiplayer, but it's a shame that there are no analog sticks on it, which makes certain titles very difficult to play. In addition to the line-up that leaves something to be desired, not much seems to have been done to optimize certain games, which means that certain games are not fun to play.
This is very unfortunate as this console with a price tag of € 100, - could have been the perfect solution for gamers who missed the OG Playstation time. €5 per game, with certain titles supporting multiplayer is not very expensive. But then the games have to be interesting enough and playable. Sony seems to have just missed the mark with their answer to the SNES and NES mini. Still, no console can compete with the oh so nostalgic boat sound of the OG Playstation and luckily this is also in the Classic! So are you not so picky and you no longer have the original Playstation, or Playstation 1 games on your Playstation 3 or Playstation Vita? Then the Playstation Classic is a great solution. However, do you want to play the most iconic games of yesteryear? Then you will unfortunately have to look for an alternative solution.
Some games on the device are great, work perfectly and, despite being dated, still look very good. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the entire package. Still, I'll be entertained for hours with Rayman, Metal Gear Solid, and Final Fantasy 7. Tekken 3 is always a good way to settle disagreements once and for all.

A gadget

This is how I would best describe the Playstation Classic. Not the best solution for Retro gaming when it comes to Playstation games, but it does the job. In addition, the device itself looks beautiful and it is always nice to add to your collection. It is also an ideal device for retro game evenings with some friends, since you can connect it in no time. Its size also makes it very easy to take with you.

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