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Animal park games, most people grew up with them. The great thing is that these games have also grown with us. We all know Zoo Tycoon, you have some nice animals, throw them in a pen and design an animal-friendly environment. People come into your park, you make money and you expand. Nice game to fill your time with, now they've tweaked this a bit with Planet Zoo. You can of course acquire animals, put them in a cage, receive people and expand your park, only this game is so much more extensive than all versions before it. Now, for example, one has to consider breeding, inbreeding, the online store and much more!

Every few months, Planet Zoo releases a new animal pack, giving us players a lot of content. After the previous South East Asia and the Arctic package , the Planet Zoo: Africa Pack was released! The name already gives it away, this time with animals from the African continent. I've been given the cool opportunity to spend my hours into the early hours researching the new package! I'll give you the news and my opinion here.

New animals

With this pack a number of new animals come out, as in all packs. This time we can build habitats for the African Penguin, the desert fox, the meerkats and the great white rhinoceros! A new animal has also been added to the vivarium; the scarab beetle (or in Dutch; the dung beetle, less prestigious). I have to admit, as soon as I started zoo number four hundred twenty-eight (I can never play one zoo for long in Planet Zoo because I always get inspired for new things) I immediately went for the meerkats. Because who doesn't like these animals too much. I bought a few from the shop, made a habitat and actually watched it for quite some time. The money had to come in anyway, so I had plenty of time to observe them. After that I actually immediately built a vivarium to admire the new beetle. The nice thing about Planet Zoo is that there are vivariums at all to pay attention to the smaller, but also important, animals.

The animals look beautiful, in the past there were sometimes striking things with animals that were newly introduced. I have to say that this all looks smooth and good. The animals play, don't glitch and do what they're supposed to do!

New items

Every Planet Zoo expansion pack comes with a new theme, so here the theme was the continent of Africa. That means you have to put your little mechanics to work. When you go to the Zoo tab you have several small tabs on the left, here you can search for the research tab of the mechanics in your park. If you have a Research Room, your mechanic can do research on different themes here. This will take a while, but then you will eventually have something. When your mechanic fully investigates this, you can go wild with the new items from the expansion pack. This will unlock new decorations, artwork, benches, trash cans and more to decorate your zoo! I have to admit that this part is very important to me, building it allows you to make your zoo so personal. You can build your own bridges, facilities and recently also the entrances to your zoo. Of course there are also beautiful pre-built creations in your shop, but building it yourself can also be great fun!


Planet Zoo is a standalone game, you don't necessarily need expansion packs like the Africa Pack. Still, I'm a big fan of the expansion packs and I'm always very curious which animals will be available this time. It expands the game yet again and maybe a favorite animal will be added. I personally expected that the Planet Zoo: Africa Pack would come out much earlier, because you often see a lot more animals from the African continent in zoo games. Yet many animals from the continent have been in the game from the beginning, such as the lions, giraffes and hippos. The package is therefore a large addition to what was already there. If players now want to build a theme park for only African animals, this is now possible. I myself had hoped for animals such as sloths, dolphins, bird species and more aquatic animals. So I'll keep my fingers crossed for even more packages. However, the new building materials are very nice and fun to add to existing themes that are not necessarily about the African continent. This makes the building materials very versatile for people who may not like a warm theme animal park.

Despite my small, minuscule disappointment about the animals, I really have to give a big 9 for the Planet Zoo: Africa Pack. I'm really enjoying it and I'm already looking forward to the next package!

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