Review: Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a remake of the game that came out seven years ago on the Wii U. The parts before that were released in 2001 and 2004 on the Gamecube. All three games were received with great success at the time. All three games came in around 9 in terms of numbers, so a good reason to re-release the last part. Can the remake version earn as much praise as the original version? Or do the little friendly creatures score higher on the Nintendo Switch? We're going to find that out now.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a kind of remake of the original part for the Nintendo Switch. In addition to the original storyline, the game also includes all the DLCs from the Wii U version. But that's not all. The game also got a new prologue and epilogue where we see the old acquaintances Captain Olimar and Louie. But we're not there yet. The storyline can now also be played together through a co-op feature. Also, the Piklopedia is back in this version. We last saw this in the second part of the game series. In short, not only a graphical update but also a number of new additions to make the game even better. But is the game still as entertaining as it was then?

In short, yes. Just like the original, Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a joy to play. The story revolves around three explorers who come from the planet Koppai. Koppai suffers from food shortage. This is due to a growing population, growing aspirations and poor planning. From the groups of scouts that are sent out to new planets, we follow the team that travels to planet PNF-404. Alph, Brittany and Charlie make an emergency landing there. During this crash landing, they become separated from each other and meet the tiny creatures of the planet. But the planet is also inhabited by even greater creatures that are hostile. It's up to you as a player to find the other one, find food and find a solution to get rid of the planet.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe Gameplay

Pikmin 3 Deluxe plays wonderfully on the Nintendo Switch. The standard button layout is well put together and makes playing the game easy. It is recommended to play the game with the pro controller or with the combined Joy-cons. Especially if you play the game in co-op mode. You could play the game with a single Joy-con, but the lack of the extra buttons makes it considerably more difficult to play. But luckily for us we just have the pro controllers at our disposal. Aiming your little friends is almost flawless. Sometimes it is annoying to switch between different goals so that you have to go through all the goals before you get back to the goal you need.

Switching between the three scouts is smooth and useful for doing multiple things or discovering places you couldn't reach with one scout. You can choose from seven different Pikmins in Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Each Pikmin has its own advantages. For example, red Pikmins are good at attacking and fighting, while the yellow Pikmins can conduct electricity, for example. All these different Pikmins will help you solve puzzles or find fruits. You can take an army of 100 Pikmins with you each time. It is therefore useful to look at areas for what you need to achieve your goal. With this knowledge, you take an assembled army with you to put them to work.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe is also full of dangers. For example, most Pikmins cannot survive in water. So you have to make sure they don't drown. But other beasts on the planet are also hunting your little friends. And then you have the very big fighters, these are the kind of bosses of the game. These fighters can be defeated in different ways. That's how you get into a fight with some kind of moth. This one doesn't like light, so you have to try to illuminate the cave, weakening it to be attacked by your army of Pikmins. For example, you will always have to think about how to approach certain problems so that you don't lose all the Pikmins you had to the beasts.


Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a very good remake of the original part. With great pleasure we relived the story of Alph, Brittany and Charlie. The game is easy to play, so the younger generation can also enjoy themselves with this cheerful game. Controlling the Pikmins is quite simple and they do what you ask them to. The search and puzzle element are challenging but not difficult. The co-op mode makes the game even more fun. If you play together you can do more work and it saves switching back and forth between scouts. The game also looks fantastic on the Nintendo Switch. Games made by Nintendo itself continue to shine on their consoles. Whether it's a remake or a new game, the graphics are fantastic. Secretly we had hoped that part 1 and 2 would also be included in the Deluxe version.Unfortunately, we only have to settle for the third part. But we can say: The Deluxe version has remained just as good as the original.


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