Review: PES 2019

Konami has again produced an excellent football game this year, of course we are talking about PES 2019. The game came out a lot earlier than FIFA, but it still left a good impression.

There is always a lot of hype when it comes to football games, mainly in Europe but also in Asia. For example, from Asia comes the well-known football simulator with a new part, of course we are talking about PES 2019. Available a while earlier than FIFA 19; so the game has left a positive impression with its gameplay and updates.
This is also the first Pro Evolution Soccer game available only for the "next-gen". The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are simply not strong enough to keep up with this game. Despite this game only making an appearance on the newer consoles, it runs smoothly at 4K.

Updates that matter

If you expect from PES 2019 that everything has changed compared to the year before, then you are quite wrong. The game has received the necessary updates as it should, so many aspects have been addressed. Think mainly of the small things: taking a ball, the AI responding to you to create a chance and so on. All of this has been made possible by the FOX Engine that Konami has been developing for years. The engine has grown considerably over the years and that is bearing fruit in PES 2019.
There are also things new in the Ultimate Team variant. The game introduces legendary football players to obtain. For example, you can have David Beckham on your team, of course with all his unique skills and moves. Moves have also been added that can be used in a style of play. For example, an individual can distinguish himself from another gamer by using different moves.
A few hours into PES 2019 and you will start to notice the difference. Everything falls into place; the horribly accurate passes that can be given through the different passing techniques to even the unique animations of each player. The way players drop out as soon as Messi takes his tricks out of the box is even unique. Based on animations and gameplay, FIFA 19 is expected to never come as close as PES 2019.
There are of course also aspects that have received no or a very small update. This mainly concerns the aspects on which the focus is not very large. Think, for example, of the spectators in the stands who bring their banners to the match. However, the songs the audience sing hasn't changed either and the commentators, Jim Beglin and Peter Drury, still don't convey their information very enthusiastically.

Animations that improve the game

Better animations lead to more realistic gameplay. PES lacks the expensive jacket that FIFA wears, this relates to many official sponsors and divisions. Besides the fact that you can modify everything on PC to the real thing, it is not noticeable in-game that things are missing. It's a good feeling when you take the ball and make a counter attack; even better if the computer or your opponent manages to intercept you, resulting in a real match. Not only you as a player can react quickly to these things, but also the AI / Computer controlled figures react with you based on your playing style.

However, the game is not easy which is why it is also placed as a football "simulator". A pass too fast or a wrong move could potentially cost you a goal. However, the game can be played but is a lot more difficult compared to the FIFA games.

Very little official

Many teams in this game have sold their rights to FIFA, so PES has struggled with the official names of teams and divisions for years. That is why FIFA is also a lot bigger; because of the authenticity that the game contains. For example, for many players it can spoil fun if you have to play with a team that is unknown because of its name. However, the players and the team are largely up-to-date.
For people unfamiliar with PES, this is a deterrent as many people still want to play with the real teams, hence their choice also goes to EA's FIFA. For example, the East Midlands team is just Leicester City. Just because the rights of the game are not correct does not mean that the players are also different.
Prices may also differ from the real thing. For example, one can buy a player for 16 million while in real life he is worth 60 million. For people who play offline a lot, this may be noticeable, but the online aspect is purely about the gameplay.
By missing the rights of many leagues and divisions, Konami has been given a bigger budget for other things. For example, several new competitions have been added, but competitions such as Champions League and Europa League have disappeared. A whole lot of new teams will make an appearance in PES 2019. Below is a list of the new competitions.

  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Chili
  • Denmark
  • Belgium
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Scotland
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey


PES 2019 continues to be the best representation of football work. If you are looking for a game with a lot of depth then this game is a must, more detailed than FIFA but without the official rights. However, anything that is missing in the game will disappear once you get on the field and take the first kick-off.
If you are looking for a football game that is easy to pick up, we recommend FIFA, but if you still want to delve into the game, PES 2019 is an excellent choice.

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