Review: Pawarumi

Today the new Indie arcade shooter Pawarumi has been released for the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One. We were already allowed to work with it to extensively test the game for you. Pawarumi from the makers Manufacture 43 tries to give a nice twist to the arcade shooters or shoot em ups genre with this game. Did they succeed? Or is this number so high on the list?

Arcade shooters or shoot em ups are one of the oldest genres on the gaming market. Although this genre has only been popular with speedrunners or highscore players lately, every now and then we see a title fly by. So is Pawarumi. Pawarumi is by and large no different from most arcade shooters. Take control of a spaceship and blast away in a futuristic setting. Of course framed with a short storyline that you will know soon enough when you start over every time.

Pawarumi is a typical arcade shooter where you have no lives or save points. Once defeated or dead, you can play the game again from the beginning. When you have defeated a stage, it will be added to your training mode list. Here you can continuously repeat the level to get the most out of the stage if you want to focus on the high score list. The story is about Axo, the player, the pilot of the Chukaru. Axo has destroyed every defense on Earth because she was possessed by an alien. During the different stages you make flashbacks to your past and then close the game with your revenge stage.
A typical arcade shooter with the principle of rock paper and scissors. That's the best way to describe Pawarumi in terms of gameplay. Your Chukaru spaceship can perform three different normal attacks. These attacks are coded with three colors and animals. You have the blue condor (laser), the green snake (gatling gun) and the red jaguar (missiles) as weapons. Your enemies correspond to these colors. And this is where the rock paper and scissors story begins.
Attacking enemies with the correct color will repair your shield or life bar. You can then attack the other colors with one color. Depending on the combo you make, this can yield two benefits. One of those benefits is that you do one and a half times as much damage. If you make the other combo, your special attack bar will recharge. With your special attack you do a kind of general wipe of opponents all over your screen.


Pawarumi is a simple and entertaining arcade shooter. The game looks great on the Nintendo Switch and offers quick and short entertainment for when you have nothing to do. Adding a rock paper scissors element is fine and well worked out. You can choose a strategy that suits you to your heart's content. For the further challenge you can choose from three difficulty levels. Despite that, the game feels like any other arcade shooter. The price of €14.99 may be a bit too high for what you get. At €9.99 it would have been a nicer amount for a game that you play in between to wait for the train or when you visit the small room.

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