Review: Overwatch, on the Nintendo Switch

Overwatch is a well-known phenomenon , on PC and on console. However, there was one more variant for the game that was missing: the Nintendo Switch. This 'Legendary Edition' brings all the content that was already available directly to the Switch.

Overwatch while pooping? Yeah, that seems like a great idea to me. Overwatch got a lot of foliage in 2016 and has seen some ups and downs over the years. But, the game is still going strong. So strong that the developers thought it was a good plan to release the game on the Nintendo Switch. But, how does the game run and how does this edition feel?

Smooth, or not?

The game ran smoothly and fairly stable from menu to the end of each round. The menus could sometimes take a little longer to load, but that is of course nothing strange. The game runs really smoothly and there is nothing to complain about. It's a stable port, or so you'd think. If you play the game with a Pro Controller or any separate controller, then there is nothing to worry about. It's like playing the game on a console.
However, where the problems begin is with the joy-cons. Everyone knows that these handheld controllers aren't the best for shooters or games that require accurate aiming. For this reason, those games normally make good use of the motion controls that are built into the device and the joy-cons. Breath of the Wild is a good example of this, aiming became a lot easier and more accurate with the motion controls on!
However, the problem Overwatch has is that these controls are unreliable. The default settings set the motion controls way too quickly anyway. But, even after an hour of playing with the controls I still didn't have a reliable feeling about it. As long as this is not improved, it could be a deal breaker for many and that is completely understandable. Let's hope this aspect will be improved soon!

Graphically OK

In terms of graphics, the game looks sleek. The menus seem a bit small in handheld mode, but otherwise the game is a masterpiece in itself. A good port that once again shows how powerful the Switch is. There were some minor cuts in subtle aspects of the game. I quickly noticed that many particles and effects are a lot lower in quality than on the PC or console. But, this is a good middle ground as the game runs stable through it.
Overwatch is and remains a strong game, with plenty of heroes to play, each with their own personality and attacks. You always notice in every competitive game that the 'meta' changes on console versus PC, but the Switch version makes some characters redundant with the current controls to the point that they are unplayable, hopefully this will change soon!


Overwatch is a great game with tons of playable characters, maps and content. Unfortunately, the Switch version is very inferior to the PC or console variants. Fortunately, the downsides, such as the motion controls, can be solved. Whether this will actually happen is another question. Yes, it's nice to play a few games when you're on the toilet or in bed. But in the train you immediately notice how the motion controls and too great an impact on your gameplay, so for now a shame! Have you played the Switch version yet? Be sure to let us know what you think!

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