Review: One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

We're back with a new anime game! This time it's up to One Punch Man to bring his shiny head back to my screen. Will the game survive between the few successful anime titles? Read it in our review.

Anime games come and go, some, on the other hand, stay at the top. This year Dragon Ball Z Kakarot came out, a game that partly moves away from the arena-fighting stuff. Kakarot was therefore well received. The same usually goes for the Naruto Ninja Storm and One Piece Pirate Warrior titles! Other anime games are not bad but lack uniqueness, personality and originality. Let's see how One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows tackles this!

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One Punch Man usually tells the story of Saitama, a hero so strong that he can swat anyone with 'one punch'. His hero's life is actually quite boring, you might say. He himself hates how strong he is. A Hero Nobody Knows doesn't let you play a storyline like Saitama for that reason. The game lets you start creating your own hero or heroine. The creation itself is nice, but not very special. You start as a new recruit at the Hero Association and you are placed in the lowest category (C). You'll have to build yourself up to fight real, big villains. Lecture Man is always ready to help you if you don't know what to do. You are supposed to start solving chores for civilians. As you rank high in the association, more difficult missions will appear. This way you start fighting against real enemies at some point, instead of hoping that you will die from a broom that falls too hard on your head. Boredom, of course. The game explains very nicely how you can and should go from zero to hero, by working hard and training.
One Punch Man does the same as any game with RPG elements. You gain new levels for your character and every so many levels you unlock new active or passive skills. Saitama is actually only a small character and that is a cool aspect. Saitama is of course the protagonist of the anime itself, but because he is so strong, the game has to take this into account. They do that well, but I'll get to that later. What's cool about the story side is that side characters like Tornado and Silver Fang get more spotlight. The game does not focus directly on the main character, but also the world and people around it.
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A Hero Nobody Knows certainly doesn't look bad for an anime game. Characters come out clearly and everyone is distinguishable from each other. Where these kinds of games usually lag behind in terms of graphics, is the reuse of many assets. For example, all 'normal' enemies often have the same faces, just to name an example. One Punch is no exception. All in all, the game doesn't look bad, but with a lack of love on certain graphical points.
City-Z serves as the major 'town hall' for the game. Many anime use the more famous city in the series to use as a hub. For example, Naruto does this with the Hidden Leaf. Just like in Naruto, One Punch's City-Z is full of shops to expand your character. You can buy clothes, accessories, things for your own home and so on. Not an original addition to the game, but a cool one! Here you notice at certain moments that characters that are needed for new missions are simply not there, until you reload.


A Hero Nobody Knows is an arena fighter, surprise. However, the game works with a slightly more traditional way of fighting: Combos! Just like in Naruto, you work with tag teams. So you play 1 character, and then you can take 2 extra characters with you, which you can temporarily summon during battles. There are nine different fighting styles to master. Gameplay is where this game is heading in the right direction. There are strong ideas for the gameplay and the game itself. Unfortunately, the game often feels unbalanced, because you work with a system where one fighting style is stronger than the other, despite how you master it. Unfortunately, the game often balances on low frame rates, which can make the fights annoying.
Bringing Saitama into battle would be extremely unfair, therefore it is possible to choose a sleeping Saitama, one that is weaker than the normal Saitama. besides that, if someone chooses Saitama in their team, there is a timer on the hero. He takes no damage and defeats his enemy in one blow. You can get him into the game after 3 minutes.
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One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is certainly not a bad game. But like many other anime adaptations, this game stands out because of the good ideas the game has, such as introducing Saitama into battles later. But, unfortunately, the game doesn't come into its own in many aspects, the biggest of which is personality. One Punch doesn't necessarily stand out from other anime titles and that's a shame. However, A Hero Nobody Knows is highly recommended for fans of the series, purely to be able to play the viewing experience now.

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