Review: New Pokémon Snap

Everyone is familiar with catching Pokémon by now. We usually catch these cheerful creatures with the beautiful red and white balls. In New Pokémon Snap, however, we catch the Pokémon in a completely different way. This time, armed with a luxury camera, we are sent out to capture the Pokémon in a photo. Grab your camera and jump into your automated vehicle and shoot it with your camera. Can you shoot the perfect shot for Professor Mirror?

In New Pokémon Snap, the players are in the Lental region. In Lental, the player gets to work for Professor Mirror. Professor Mirror is very interested in Captain Prince's book. That book talks about Pokémon under the effect of an Illumina phenomenon. You set out to investigate and then take pictures for your PhotoDex. During your first expeditions, the story of the Illumina phenomenon and Captain Prince becomes more and more clear. In the meantime, you do your best to get a good picture of the various Pokémon that are there. All in all, playing this game is a wonderfully relaxed zen experience where you can sit back in your chair.

New Pokémon Snap is the long-awaited successor to the first Pokémon Snap from 1999. Then on the Nintendo 64, we were thrown to death with Pokémon spin-offs. I used to think Pokémon Snap was a fun and relaxed game to play next to the Pokémon games I played on the Game Boy. The game has basically not changed compared to then. Obviously the graphics have gone up a lot over the years. But there are also a lot of new additions to the game to give it some more depth. However, the game remains fairly simple to play and every amateur photographer can get a lot of fun out of it.

Modernization New Pokémon Snap

Compared to the first part from 1999, New Pokémon Snap has received a major update in terms of graphics. The basics of the game are almost identical to the previous game. The player is taken from A to B by means of a mini hovercraft-like cart called the NEO-ONE. This means you only have to focus on your surroundings. Nearby you can see the soothing world of Pokémon and see what they do in their daily lives when they are not being hunted by trainers. For example, during our first ride we see a Pichu running around and playing with a Grookey. Further on we come across a group of Bidoofs who are busy with a dam construction. It is wonderful to see what they are actually doing and you can't wait to see all the Pokémon.

Your camera in New Pokémon Snap has been given a major update. Your camera has a number of useful functions to get the Pokémon good in your photo. First, you will have access to a scan feature. This allows you to scan the environment for interesting photo spots or hidden Pokémon. The noise your scanner makes can also cause Pokémon to face the camera or even pose. In addition, you also get a melody that gets the attention of the Pokémon. Some Pokémon even start dancing. We came across a few Bellossoms who came to dance next to you when you heard the music. In addition to your camera, you also get some Fluffruits to throw at the Pokémon. Most Pokémon will eat the Fluffruits and then take a happy pose.

New Pokémon Snap, sometimes doesn't get it

Despite the New Pokémon Snap being a fairly linear game, sometimes information is missing to progress in the game. In the main menu and during the cut scenes a few things are told, but it is not always clear what you have to do to get further in the game. This way you sometimes keep rotating a few times along all locations in the hope that you take the photo that will take you further. A little more clarity with the locations about what to photograph would have been useful in some cases. You can also take a tour of the site at your research camp. Here you can follow various routes, but it is not always clear which route you have actually chosen.

The other locations in New Pokémon Snap generally have a day and night tour. During the night tour you will encounter new Pokémon that do not show themselves in daylight and vice versa. But you also see Pokémon resting, sleeping or even doing other things. Each location and tour has a level system. Every time you level up in a location you will discover new Pokémon but also the Pokémon will behave differently from the previous level. The last location is the Illumina spots. These spots feature a single Pokémon unique to Lental that you should also shoot if under the influence of the Illumina phenomenon.

Verdict New Pokemon Snap

Like its predecessor from 1999, New Pokémon Snap is a wonderfully relaxed game in which you catch Pokémon through your camera. The game is fun and well modernized which gives the game a bit of a challenge. The fact that the locations change as the levels increase ensures that you always go back to locations. Also the prestige urge to make the perfect picture ensures that we make the same tour again and again to take a picture at the right time. The game is also simple and not really difficult to play. This actually allows players of almost all ages to play this game. The interactions of the Pokémon in the wild are funny and give off a wonderful feel-good vibe.With a little tuning in the guidance to progress in the game, the game would have been finished, but we are very curious if there will be even more content for the game in the end.


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