Review: My Hero One's Justice

This year is a great year for fighting games, with everything from FighterZ to Super Smash and so on. My Hero One's Justice will also offer enough for the fans and brings a unique perspective on controls, read all about it in our review!

It's no secret that  My Hero Academia is  a brilliant and rich anime. It would therefore only be a matter of time before the series could receive its own game. That time has come, and the game isn't half as bad anymore. With an anime so rich in character with different powers, characters and looks, a game like this can only be necessary for the fans. Well, that game is here, under the name:  My Hero One's Justice .

Rich in rich characters

If My Hero Academia's universe excels at anything, it's the characters. The game also leaves a great first impression here. There are twenty characters available in the game. Each character has its own  Quirk . These are special powers that make each character unique in terms of playstyle and character. There is a nice balance of power, armor and also visuals for each character that is playable. If you go into battle mode you can also play directly with every character, except one.


Although the game has a different playstyle than many others, certain things are a bit of the same. There are three types of attacks. You have the unblockable attacks, the normal attacks and the counter attacks. You have to use this strategically, so this game is a bit slower than, for example, the Ninja Storm games from  Naruto . The learning curve is therefore a bit lower, but the button combinations on the Nintendo Switch are slightly more dependent on timing and therefore a bit more difficult compared to some button bashers. During battles you notice that you create openings faster than in many other fighting titles, this makes the game less competitive, but nice to play a few games.

Each arena has destructible elements, which gives you that little bit of goosebumps when you throw enemies against the wall or right through the wall. What's a funny addition is that you can throw enemies into the wall with their heads, leaving them stuck in that wall for a few seconds. This not only gives an opening to throw heavy hitters, but also creates a funny effect. Despite the fact that the battles can sometimes feel a bit clumsy, the game plays nicely. Anyone can pick up this title and level their opponent to the floor. So there is little depth to the mechanics, this can be seen as both an advantage and disadvantage. In my case this was more of an advantage, a temporary escape from more difficult titles like FighterZ or Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. I think, for a first My Hero's title,it is looking in the right direction.
The storyline is unfortunately not the strongest point in the game. The story is largely voiced, which is very cool, but the use of cinematics is not always cool. When you're in the main menu, you immediately notice that the game looks very manga-like. As in, a lot of comic graphics are used. This is great in itself, but it doesn't always work as immersive in the story. This made the story feel slower than it needed to be. I think if they had left this out, it wouldn't have been that bad. Unfortunately, the story didn't quite come across that way.

Graphics and the Switch

Time and again, the Nintendo Switch proves why the handheld is the strongest on the market. Of course, Nintendo hasn't really had a lot of competition in terms of handhelds in recent years. But beyond that, this game once again proves how strong the Switch is. Gameplay plays wonderfully and smoothly, without any frame drops. Not even when there were patches of ground or wall flying everywhere, when there were  Michael Bay-esque  explosions, even then there was no sign of any loss of frames.
The characters all look beautiful, unfortunately I can't say the same for some textures. Of course the textures are not the most important thing in fighting games, but in some maps the contrast between beautiful and ugly can be very thin. When you compare it to other titles in the genre, it seems like My Hero One's Justice doesn't quite know where it stands yet. I don't mean this in terms of gameplay, it's very clear there. But if you look purely at the graphics, there is little to notice. Let's hope this will turn out a bit better in a possible sequel.


My Hero One's Justice is a game for everyone. It has little depth, but just plays well. This may also be sometime. The game runs very smoothly on the Switch, but unfortunately has left some points behind in terms of graphics. The camera angles can sometimes be a bit tedious, but the calm and smooth-running combat makes up for a lot. If the story wasn't told so slowly, it could also turn out much better and create more new fans for a franchise that is just super strong. All in all, I can definitely recommend the game to fans of the series and people who want something simple.

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