Review: My Hero One's Justice 2

It's been a year and a half since the last My Hero Academia game adaptation. Now it's time for the sequel. The first part was a great game, does the second improve a lot, or does the level stay the same? Read it in our review!

My Hero Academia is a household name in a world full of great anime shows. My Hero One's Justice 2 picks up where the first part left off. As the series shines its fourth season on your television, it's up to the first game's sequel to do the same. You are now truly under the wing of superhero All Might, the symbol of peace. Izuku, the protagonist, wants to do everything in his power to succeed him. One's Justice is an arena fighter, something we are used to in anime adaptations. Will the game hold up against the bigger names?

Conceptually OK?

A game like My Hero One's Justice can go in several directions. The game is now an arena fighter, where you continue the story of the series on that of the first game. However, the game could have been more. The One Punch Man game was not a great success, but it did bring a great concept. Follow your own hero in your own story. I'm not saying that My Hero One's Justice should have adopted this concept indiscriminately. It would have been a great idea to mix an open world story with the current story. What if you had the opportunity to play your own story? I would of course like to see this outside of the storyline of the series, or in combination with. But, One's Justice is all about the heroes we all know, and of course there's nothing wrong with that in the end.
The game brings quite a few differences from the first game, but stays with the built-up base. the story is told in many ways. Here you jump from cinematic to gameplay to a literal comic-style presentation. Personally, I think the variety of storytelling is a cool thing. Not every fan agrees, which is understandable. Sometimes missing spoken dialogue feels lazy, something that many anime games suffer from. However, the tutorial is done much better than in the first game, as well as introducing some characters.
My Hero Academia

A new way of fighting

Something you can't ignore is how the game handles the combat system. The game has a pretty deep fighting style. But, to start with the flip side of the coin. Not enough has changed in the stiffness of your movement. I already indicated in the review of the first game that the game has a lot of potential in the gameplay elements, but that it lacks a fluid way of fighting. This will continue in this second part as well. Yes, a new dodge has been added and the button combinations have been changed in such a way that the learning curve is slightly less steep. Unfortunately, in my opinion, not enough has changed.
Your character still often blocks the camera, while the movement still feels quite stiff. For example, if you look at Naruto's Ninja Storm titles, then you see that a simple combat system can work, in combination with pretty smooth movement controls. My Hero One's Justice has the advantage that the controls go deeper than those of the Naruto titles. I'm convinced that if they change this in the next game, the gameplay will get better appreciation than much bigger names, including Naruto.

More characters

The roster for One's justice 2 has been expanded to over 40 playable characters. This is a pretty big jump from the previous game. Unfortunately, due to the current combat system, not every character comes out as well as you would like. The first game also received a lot of complaints about skipping important details from the anime. The developers have listened carefully to this. The storyline is divided into several chapters, in which each character gets his spotlight. After completing much of the storyline, you will also be given the opportunity to replay certain parts of the game as the villain. This way you can taste the fruits of both perspectives. Here the game also offers more possibilities to introduce outfits and funny masks for the characters.
The game offers a new arcade mode, where you dive into a more old-fashioned ladder system. You can take different routes in this ladder system, which you always throw up against different challenges. Again, there are plenty of rewards to earn. In One's Justice 2 you really notice how a game can feel more important by distributing rewards well.
Roster MHOJ2


Despite the game still having many issues from the first, My Hero One's Justice 2 is a fun game for fans of the series. There are plenty of characters to play. The combat is, despite its flaws, different from other games. There is plenty of story to play, although it doesn't always come across as well. The game is still far from perfect and unfortunately is only taking baby steps towards what it could have been. But, that doesn't mean it's a bad title. I personally would recommend it to true fans of the series or anime in general. If you're not that into this genre, then this might not be the best title to sink your teeth into right away.

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