Review: Monopoly Fortnite

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world. Fortnite is a, if not the most popular game on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC or mobile. So a match made in heaven? Let's take a look at a brand new game: Monopoly Fortnite.

Something completely different today! Instead of a traditional video game review, this time we're going to take a closer look at a board game. Monopoly itself is almost 100 years old. First released in 1935, the game was already a worldwide success. Today in 2019 there are an incredible number of different versions and editions of Monopoly available. The original Monopoly has several variants, such as the debit card edition.
Not only are minor tweaks made to the original game, but the entire game is also adapted to certain themes or video games. For example, we have already seen familiar games and topics in Monopoly today. Pokémon, World of Warcraft, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, Nintendo, Game of Thrones and much, much more. A new addition to this already large selection of Monopoly games is Fortnite.

Fortnite the board game

Looking at Monopoly Fortnite, the wildly popular game from the Parker brothers is little more than a brand name. The game doesn't resemble the original idea of Monopoly much anymore. The layout of the board is about the same. The so-called chance cards are in the game as "loot chest" cards and the general fund cards have been transformed into storm cards. Money has been replaced by life points and free parking no longer has any function in the Fortnite version. The prison still works about the same as before. You can pay with life points to get out of prison immediately. You can also take a gamble by rolling 6, then you can also get out of prison. Just like in Fortnite, you can choose from many skins to choose as a character. In total you can choose from 27 different characters,which unfortunately all consist of cardboard and are therefore not very sturdy.

Many famous locations from the game can be found on the playing field and as soon as you land on a location, you can claim it for free. This applies to all locations that have not yet been appropriated, or have been occupied by the storm. If you have a street, you get 2 life points back as soon as you land on your own street. Other players pay the number of life points to the bank as soon as they land on a location of other players or of the storm.
The game will start slowly in the beginning, but soon has a turn after which everything will go very fast. As soon as the storm starts to swallow locations and other players become stronger, the game will be played at a rapid pace. You are about 20 to 30 minutes sweet with one round, depending on the number of players.

Faster than the storm

As with many board games it depends a bit on luck whether you win or not, but this game also contains some strategic elements. There are two dice in this edition. One die to take steps as we are used to and one action die. With this action die you can perform various actions that you can also perform in Fortnite. The die has different icons with different effects:

  • Bandage – You get 2 life points back.
  • Boogie bomb – All other players lose one life point.
  • Brick – You may build a wall.
  • Sight - You may shoot someone or a wall in your line of sight. The shot player loses one life point.

You can place the brick wall in the line you are in and you can use it to protect yourself, or to thwart other players. Players cannot pass the wall, but always stop on the tile where the wall is, even if they have rolled more steps. Once at the site of the wall, it crumbles and the field is open again. As soon as you have someone in your sights, but there is a wall in front of it, you can't shoot this player, but you shoot the wall.
This wall for strategic moves will be especially useful later in the game. With loot-chest cards you can make yourself stronger for once, or even for the entire game. This way you can find items that allow you to take out someone with ease in one shot later in the game. You can also find items that ensure that you get your maximum number of life points back (maximum 15), regardless of how many life points you currently have.
Just like in Fortnite, the storm will cover more and more places on the map. In Monopoly Fortnite, at least every time someone passes Start, the storm will occupy a new tile. While playing, there are several conditions that allow the storm to take over even more places. This also happens at a fast pace!

Exciting until the last minute

We all know the thrill of Fortnite! This is no different for this Monopoly version. The tension remains intense until the last player remains thanks in part to the strong items, the storm and the dice that all players depend on. There can be some very interesting twists and turns in the final minutes. For example, we experienced a game in which the player with the least life points, without items, managed to survive from a player with 12 life points and items that dealt at least 8 points of damage. Placing walls strategically has certainly contributed to this.


At first glance, Monopoly Fortnite looks very little like the traditional board game. Although this is largely true, the game won't feel very new and after a little explanation it is clear what the intention is. Just like Monopoly, the game remains very exciting until the last minutes. Throwing the right eye is very crucial here, just like in the traditional game where you hope not to land on the Kalverstraat, which has a hotel on it. This board game will definitely be a nice addition for parents with children who love Fortnite. Please note that the board game is completely in English. The box says 13+, but we all know that the average age of the Fortnite player has been exceeded.
That said… Where are we dropping boys?

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