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Mega Man used to be one of my most favorite games. Unfortunately, the game has a bit of trouble finding a place in this century, has this eleventh part found its place? Read it in our review!

These past few Mega Man titles that came out in the 21st century have not been a great success. They were either Medoicre titles, or they were collections of older titles. Those collections were generally considered fine by critics, but were not received by the general public as expected. Mega Man 11 should change this formula, while preserving the old familiar style and atmosphere.

Yet again

Despite the fact that the formula had to change, one major detail has remained the same. There are eight Robot Masters who are all under the complete control of the diabolical Dr. Will. It's a Mega Man to challenge and defeat any Master, then turn to Dr. Willy to come. Mega Man can shoot, slide and summon his robot dog  Rush . You have to drill your way through a lot of sidescrolling 2.5D levels that are full of traps. There are the deadly spikes, the bottomless pits and the mechanical enemies. It is and always will be entertaining to play games like this, purely for entertainment. It is also nice to keep your reflexes sharp.
Where this eleventh part stands out is the new system called; Double GearIn a flashback you see Dr. Willy and Dr. Light (Mega Man's maker) in their younger days. We see how Wily helped create a  Double Gear System . This would have been a groundbreaking design at the time, something that would shape the evolution of the robot. Light wanted robots to have a certain intelligence and be able to feel emotion. This discussion is what ultimately drove the two doctors apart. This is one of the better backstories I've played in the Mega Man universe, although the ultimate goal remains the same.
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Double Trouble

This system has also been an intention of Capcom itself, to make the once difficult Mega Man a lot easier and more accessible. For the more experienced players, this is another mechanic to fully master for speedruns or challenges. This Double Gear system offers a number of possibilities. The  Speed Gear  will slow down time for a few seconds, where the Power Gear will give our hero stronger attacks. This gear will give Mega Man more damage, but also an overall boost. The suits are not even necessary to complete the game, or to play tactically. They are mainly a small tool or way of playing style.
This does not mean that the game has become soft or easy, anything but. Part 11 is just as difficult as previous parts, it just gives you more tools to face these difficulties. Despite this, it took me even longer to master each level the way I wanted. Also the boss fights took some time to learn. You have to get through every move and attack to get the chance to master your attacks at all. There are plenty of one-hit-kill mechanics that will drive you out of your life. After hours of frustration, it's super rewarding when you've finally completed the stage.
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Levels, graphics and other goodies

Capcom does give the choice in difficulty. Are you a casual or a newcomer ? These settings make the game more accessible to, yes, the newcomers! dr. Light also provides light assistance with an in-game shop where players can purchase chips for their Suit. These are not overpowered, but again provide a kind of tool that is not directly essential, but nice to have.
In terms of level design, this game is more thoughtful than most. You see and notice that the atmosphere is high and that each level is designed with love and care. This alone makes the game so much more complete and also makes the theme stronger. Whether you're surrounded by balloons or battling in a cave with glowing blue blocks, the game looks fantastic for a sidescroller. The voice acting and puns are also strongly present. This again makes for a better atmosphere in the game. This together with the catchy music, which is of course also there.
Mega Man 11


Mega Man 11 is not the best and most legendary Mega Man we know from the past. Despite that, this is the first title to come out in 20xx and know and deserve its actual place. For a price of only thirty Euros, this game is more than worth picking up, even for newcomers. This is a nice opportunity for those who are not familiar with this piece of nostalgia, to get a first experience more. I got to play it on the Playstation 4, but hear a lot of good things about the Nintendo Switch version. I think with the arrival of this handheld the game will fall into place even better.

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