Review: Marvel's Spider-Man

Spider-Man will be released on September 7 exclusively for the Playstation 4. It has been quiet for years about the Spider-Man titles on the console. Can Insomniac breathe new life into it on the Playstation? And do they know how to keep the pools of water in perfect condition? Read on quick!

In Marvel's Spider-Man you take on the role of an adult Peter Parker who is already very used to his powers. Parker is no longer a student, but has just started his professional career with his teacher Otto Octavius. Parker is a genius in the lab and Otto is reaping the benefits. Not only in the lab do you benefit from these skills, but also in your double life as Spider-Man you will have to use these skills more often.
Marvel's Spider-Man is a completely new story. It is not a reboot, remaster or game version of a movie, but a uniquely original story. Perhaps new is not the right word, but rather alternative. As most players have already seen in the trailer, there are well-known villains returning in this Spider-Man game. Electro, Scorpio and Rhino, just to name a few. Spider-Man is familiar with these villains, but you'll encounter them again in this game as they're part of a new plan that puts the security of New York at risk.

New York from above

A big part of the game consists of Spider-Man swinging around the city of New York. As mentioned in the preview of the game, the swinging in this game is truly phenomenal. There are seriously too few words to describe how enjoyable it is to meander through New York City as Spider-Man. It's almost therapeutic. It all goes very smoothly and completely as you have it in your mind. You really are as free as a bird in New York and the way in which you can move cannot be counted on 10 fingers. Swing, jump, dive, parkour, you name it. In addition, all these moves can be combined in fractions of seconds, which ensures that just wandering through the city already provides a pleasant gameplay experience.

There have also been times when the city screamed for help, but Spider-Man took on a challenge with himself to swing around the city as quickly as possible. This is not a challenge in the game, but a challenge from the heart. Fast travel will eventually be possible in-game, but you'll likely only use this feature five times to unlock the trophy. Why else would you use fast travel? It's a SPIDER-MAN game!
Look what a beautiful view.

Combat also extremely fluid

Not only the movement through the city, but also the combat in Insomniac's Spidey adventure is really fantastic. Occasionally certain combinations of enemies can make your life miserable, but luckily there is an answer for everything.
Just as you have a lot of freedom with transport, the same also applies to combat. You decide how you will handle a certain encounter. Will you very quietly cocoon everyone from lampposts, or will you jump directly between the villains to let them taste your danoontje power? The choice is yours. Really. You can use various gadgets such as the web shooter, but also a number of others. All gadgets have a situation where they come in handy and some are just fun, not necessarily useful. Make your enemies float for a few seconds, for example. Not really necessary, but it does look funny.

To top it off, there are special moves that you can perform once a meter fills up by performing combat moves. This special move can be very varied and you can choose it yourself. However, there is a catch here. The special moves are unlocked by unlocking new suits for Peter Parker. Almost every suit comes with a special power and once you unlock a suit you can activate this power on all unlocked suits. So you are not forced to wear a certain suit because that power is installed on it, but you must first unlock the relevant suit.

Which spider logo is fashionable?

To embroider a little further on these different suits.. There are a lot of different outfits that you can unlock and wear in this game. Some have already become known, such as the new suit with the white logo. But the traditional Spider-Man suit and the one from The Avengers are also available. In addition, there are a number of suits that most will recognize, but also some creative new looks for Peter Parker.

The friendly neighbor

Of course it's not just your job to save New York from evil, but the house-garden-kitchen incidents are still part of Spider-Man's life. Tackle petty criminal activities, help citizens with various side quests. Completing different types of challenges in the city and searching for collectibles provide plenty of content in this virtual version of New York.
Many collectibles will be familiar to die-hard fans, but there are also plenty of nods here and there to other Marvel stories and even an obvious nod to DC's Batman.

A sticky story

The story in Spider-Man as described in the beginning is kind of new, but not quite. There are of course many new elements in the story, but also familiar, and predictable moments. Especially the first few hours in the story feel very slow. It's only after you get past halfway through the story that things get really interesting. Strange turns will take place and there are a lot of exciting moments that will have you on the edge of your seat. At this point you definitely want to play through the story unlike the first few hours in the game where you definitely don't feel that rushed. The memorable moments are therefore all spread out in the second part, as I'll call it, of the game. Which makes the first half a bit insignificant, which is a shame.
I was concerned about the story for the first few hours. Fortunately it worked out very well in the end and the tension was present until the last minute.


Marvel's Spider-Man is a great Playstation 4 game. New York looks stunning with its Marvel features. Visually it's not the most beautiful Playstation exclusive we've seen, but also far from the ugliest. It just looks damn good. The game is very fluid in both combat and traversal and the story as said has a nice ending but it starts a bit difficult before it managed to conquer me as a player. The world is packed with action, missions and challenges to keep you busy and if you try hard enough, you just might unlock this trophy someday.

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