Review: Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 is the sequel to the successful Little Nightmares games from Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco. We take on the role of a new character with Six by our side.

In Little Nightmares 2 we take on the role of Mono, a boy this time. Don't worry, we'll have Six by our side for most of the game. She helps us to overcome the dangers. Together we solve puzzles, we flee from new dangers, hand in hand. The second part of the horror platformer makes room for new charms, more emotions and more mystery.

A new nightmare

We leave the Maw and take on the role of Mono, a boy with a long coat and a bag over his head. With this he hides his identity. The nice thing about the second part of Little Nightmares is that you don't have to walk over your head with that bag forever. Along the way in the new locations you will find items that you can use as headgear. You can change these at any time if you have found them.

We start our adventure in a dark forest. But even though we've left the ghastly ship of the first volume, the dangers are still lurking. It won't be long before we meet another baby. This is Six. We take her on an adventure even though we don't know each other yet. All we know is that we're both stuck in some kind of nightmare. Six doesn't know what I look like either, because I covered my face. I saved her, so she must trust me, right?

Yes, during our adventure we help Six, but Six also helps us. Thanks to Six, together we are big enough to reach door handles and we can bridge large gaps. Six comes in handy with a lot of puzzles, but you still have to do most of the hard work yourself. Sometimes Six helps you over a high ledge so that you can look for a way out on the other side. Naturally, you will encounter many new dangers here.

Refreshing misery

In Little Nightmares 2 we are no longer tied to one location but visit different and varied locations. I don't want to give them all, but they are all very unique. They come up with their own kinds of puzzles and strange shapes that will chase you. In one particular area, the environment is plagued by living porcelain dolls. They live there, play there, get lessons and terrorize the place. Mono is a big intruder here and the dolls are only too happy to get you. Here the second part of Little Nightmares introduces a kind of new combat system.

In some areas you will find items to take out these dolls with. A matter of kill or be killed. You smash dolls with one blow of a hammer that is the same size as you. This is also a puzzle because timing, since you don't get along very well with the much too heavy hammer, is very important. This is also the most annoying thing about Little Nightmares 2. The timing and positioning of these hammer blows has to be very precise. If you miss your shot, or hit too late, the doll grabs you and you have to load your previous checkpoint. Sometimes you have to deal with several puppets in a row and timing the strokes becomes quite a nerve-wracking task.

Fortunately, swinging a hammer remains just one of the solutions Mono and Six use to avoid dangers. More creative solutions are needed for the great shapes that are chasing you. Due to the different themed locations you will encounter different shapes that chase you through the location. You can think of them as boss fights, because by the end of such a location you will be rid of this danger once and for all. How you do that is always different and often quite gruesome.

Feeling and emotion

Little Nightmares 2 is a little less mysterious than the first part. You could say that the big surprise is gone and that it is more of the same, with the necessary innovations and changes. It is and that's why Little Nightmares 2 brings new charms. The game responds much better to your feelings and emotions because of the bond that Mono and Six have during the game. It's a mutual trust. Constantly feeling that you have to help each other and stay together to face the next challenge. The bond between Mono and Six is very strong and at many moments in between all the hectic action also very cute. You can hold Six's hand to take her with you, or just make a cute x-ray together.

dream nightmare

We played Little Nightmares on the Playstation 5, but played the Playstation 4 version. The next-gen version of the game will be released sometime in 2021. Honestly, it's not that bad because the game already looks fantastic. It's a really nice game with a fantastic drawing style. Although it looks very strange, it does look very realistic in a way. It really does feel like a nightmare you're in. No context, no logic, strange transitions between different locations with no logical explanation. You really are replaying through a very horrific nightmare. The atmosphere is very unique. Listen to that soundtrack!


Little Nightmares 2 is a perfect sequel to the first part and keeps the formula fresh and interesting by adding new charms. It may not give the impression of surprise as the first part because a lot of the surprise is already gone, but that is made up for by other things. Despite no story being told in the game, it is a game that relies heavily on the story that is presented. There is a lot of room for interpretation and there are more secrets than you might initially see. A worthy gem of a few hours that will stay with you for a long time.


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