Review: The LEGO Movie 2 video game

The LEGO Movie 2 videogame is the latest LEGO game, in case you've lost count. As you would expect, the game is heavily based on the latest LEGO movie. That is why we see the famous characters in this game.

The LEGO Movie 2 videogame pits you against aliens who will emerge in many different sizes and versions. Whatever shape or size you will encounter, will not cause much stress. The game isn't challenging in any way when it comes to the various, but not multiple, enemies you encounter. The challenge that you can get from this game is also not entirely in the story. The challenge that you can get out of it is in playing the game completely.

For young and old

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is undoubtedly a game aimed more at a younger audience. This is not bad at all since it concerns LEGO and DUPLO. Because the game is mainly aimed at a younger audience, this can be deduced directly from the gameplay, language and story. These are quite simple and very child-friendly. Although the first impression may be childish, this LEGO game is a great game for every target group. The game kept me entertained for almost the entire playthrough and that's not because the story is so good.

The magic of LEGO

However you get used to it, LEGO will always play an important role in the lives of many children. Children learn a lot through play thanks to the clever way LEGO is designed and give a satisfied feeling when that building is finally completed. Ikea can take an example from LEGO instruction booklets, but that's a story for another time. This kind of magic is incorporated in LEGO video games, but in the puzzles that you solve while playing through the different worlds.
While playing you will encounter various obstacles. For example, you will have to use your collection of LEGO building blocks to make certain constructions to help other inhabitants of the LEGO worlds. An electric gate can no longer open. It is up to you to install an electric motor so that the gate functions as intended again. There are various blueprints that you can use to open certain areas of a world for exploration or to complete assignments. The further you progress in the story, the more blueprints you will unlock. The same goes for useful items that you can and will need to use. All these tools and blueprints will help you achieve your ultimate goal: 100% world completion.

Back to the old worlds

By playing the story you will automatically play through a part of the worlds you travel. If you really want to do everything in a world you will first have to play the whole story. Fortunately, this story only lasts a few hours, leaving you plenty of time to explore. To complete certain missions you need tools and blueprints that you will only unlock later in the story when you are on another LEGO world. Fortunately, you can easily return to the older worlds to complete the quests to collect the remaining "Master Pieces". These are purple-transparent building blocks that you don't do anything with. They are collection points scattered all over the world. Some you have to look for, these are hidden. Others you get by completing assignments from LEGO residents.When you have collected all the "Master Pieces" on each world, you have completed the game. In total there are 475 of these stones.
There are a lot of different worlds that the story takes you through, but there are also a few worlds where you can play through little stories on your own and collect Master Pieces again. For the creative mind there is one world where you can get started with your own creativity. This world is empty and contains only a few ruins. It is up to the player to breathe new life into this by placing various buildings such as a police station, a zoo, ice cream parlor and the Batcave. Also on this planet you need to collect Master Pieces. The further you progress in the game the more blueprints of buildings you will unlock to place to collect Master Pieces.

Loot boxes, but no worries!

The LEGO Movie 2 videogame uses relics that act a bit like loot boxes. No worries! You cannot buy these loot boxes but you get them by opening chests and defeating enemy creatures. These relics come in different shapes and each gives different rewards. The rewards can range from outfits for your LEGO character (there are so many!) to blueprints for buildings, stuff like hammers, weapons, but also cakes. Until the end of the game, you will keep unlocking new items as there are tons of items to find in these relics. This allows you to switch outfits whenever you want to change into Batman, a cowboy, spaceman or one of the other more than 100 characters.

A quick adventure

Despite the fact that this LEGO game looks very large at first glance, the actual adventure in the game is quite short. The story you play through in a few hours was a small disappointment. It's clearly not a game built to have a strong story, perhaps understandably so since it's aimed at young children. Once the story is complete and you can continue completing the game, it will take you several hours to complete everything. This LEGO game is therefore an excellent entry point for young players in the gaming world. Game mechanics are shown and used in a light form that you will find in many games, but to a larger and much more complex degree. Backtracking in this LEGO game is a great example of this.


The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame provides a fast-paced, fun, but unmemorable adventure across a vast LEGO universe. For both young and old, with an emphasis on young. Although the story can be completely ignored, this game offers enough fun in solving puzzles. There are plenty of worlds to explore, but unfortunately not every world is equally interesting to explore. Certain elements in the game feel completely redundant and not thought through. You earn the coins at a faster rate than you can spend them for example. At other times, applied elements feel good, like adding more tools to solve puzzles. All in all, this game will not leave any memorable memories for you,but on the other hand, no scars either and it's a great game to pick up for the suggested retail price it's offered for.

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