Review: KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix

Which many people have grown old with, but which one will never grow out of. Kingdom Hearts, a big name for the PlayStation and for many a nostalgia to lose yourself in. It gave me great pleasure to be able to play this game series again. I'll give you my opinion and verdict on this comprehensive package.


When people say you may be too old for Disney they get an irritated look from me. People who think that have no imagination, something Kingdom Hearts is known for. I remember buying the first one myself for the PlayStation 2. Where I was sometimes stuck on certain boss battles and had no idea how to beat him. That I then had to leave the game for a few days and then pass the level in one go.
The more Kingdom Hearts you play from the HD ReMIX, the closer you get to the Disney of today. The characters and stories we (me) grew up with. And how the makers make this their own game. Sora with his way too big feet and his loyal companions who will support you through thick and thin, through all stories. With a, for me, slightly vague storyline throughout the games, you still empathize with Sora and his friends. The interaction and the game itself make the separate story insignificant, it doesn't matter, I'm having fun anyway.
You start out as Sora, a boy who receives a Keyblade and must save the world from the Heartless. Heartless are black enemies who destroy the world and blur everything beautiful. With the help of your good friends Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald, you go into battle. But not only the Heartless are your enemies. They team up with the biggest baddies in the Disney universe. Relive the Disney movies and battle old friends. Choose which of the friends you take into battle and team up with Sora's own friends. In the series you meet old acquaintances and new people who challenge or strengthen you.

The package

The gigantic package that you get with the purchase contains many games. It's a bit of a struggle to download them all but it's definitely worth it. When you have downloaded everything you will have, among other things, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix is a streamlined version of the PlayStation two version. It's the same game, but with some tweaking in the graphics. The edges are sharper and the cutscenes are smoother. They also have the option to adjust your camera angle, or the standard Kingdom Hearts angle that the game determines for you or rotate the stick yourself. That was a real improvement for me, so that the image sometimes suddenly shifts to a different angle, which irritates me again. I started with the original angle but quickly switched to the new option. The Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMix is the same story as the 1.5.Part two but a little refined for today's graphics.
Furthermore, you can delve into: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and also Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. The beauty of this bundle is that you can play and watch Kingdom Hearst that didn't originally come from the PlayStation. So now they are all available for your PlayStation 4. But not all games are playable. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 is only available to watch. They have pasted all the cutscenes together like a kind of movie. That way you can still get the story. Square Enix has always put a lot of time into beautiful cut scenes, so this is definitely worth a look! The same goes for Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. You can also only enjoy the cut scenes of this game. This is because both games were originally released on the Nintendo DS.If you had a Gameboy Advance you might have had Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was released for the PSP.


A few games I already knew and a few new games I'd never had, all on one console. How convenient is that? It's a shame that there are two games not to play and only to watch. You have a great movie, but playing the game is different. You do have the idea that you can play the entire storyline and you just have hours of fun with it! Furthermore, the games just play nicely, you can just button bash and adjust the difficulty for the mood you're in. You also have the urge to run a Disney marathon, say; it keeps you off the street…
I think it's worth the price on the PlayStation Store. For a true fan, the original price of €49.99 is a breeze. The mountain of content you get in return is great. All in all a top package, highly recommended for the Kingdom Hearts fans here. Also for people who want something new and don't mind older graphics. It is also just handy not to have the games on three different game consoles, but to remove everything with one button on the PlayStation 4.

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