Review: Just Die Already – Out With A Bang!

Just Die Already is a "simulator" game in the same vein as Goat Simulator. So it's actually not a simulator at all, but actually a sandbox that you can play in for a few hours. Are games like Just Die Already and Goat Simulator still relevant today?

Just Die Already is a sandbox game in which you take on the role of an elderly person. Your only goal is to die, but you can do that in creative ways. There really isn't much more to it. These kinds of "simulator" games were very popular a few years ago. Nowadays we have seen it with these sandbox titles. That's really the only conclusion I can draw from Just Die Already. I have now seen it again.


In that respect, the nature of the game fits very well with the type of character you play. You're an elderly person and you don't really have a goal anymore. You are waiting for the man with the scythe to pick you up. Why wait when you can go see him yourself? So in Just Die Already, as the name insinuates, you just have to die. This can be done in various ways. Before you go ahead, there is still a bucket list where you can check off a number of things. Actually, this is a kind of assignment list that you can use as a guide while playing. For example, it says that you must lose your limbs 100 times, or die in a special way. For example, being eaten by a shark, or being beaten up by a naked man in a shower.

There are also some quests that aren't necessarily about dying, but more about ways of interacting with the world around you. Dig a grave, open chests and throw a basketball through the hoop. Such things.

By executing these assignments you get tickets. With these tickets you can pull an object in a vending machine along the street. A trick nose for your character, for example, or a revolver. It just depends on what you feel like at that moment.

Strong start

Just Die Already starts off somewhat strong. You are locked in a room in the retirement home. Everyone's nightmare with dentures. Because you don't like this, you decide to break out. You will come into contact with the controls of the game and the first dangers. You can open certain cupboards and drawers because they can contain things. A key for your room door, for example. Once in the central hall, you see that a fellow resident is having a party. This is the ultimate chance to break out. The front door is locked, but if you manage to disrupt the party so badly, the caretaker can only evict you, right?

Yes, disrupting the party is the only way to get kicked out. Editing the inmates with a knife or peeing on the caretaker is not enough. Only as soon as you puncture the balloons will you have the dolls dancing and you will be thrown out of the retirement home. Once in the open world, the story actually ends. After escaping from the retirement home, there is no further overarching assignment. The story also ends a bit and now you have to make do with that bucket list I talked about earlier.

But quickly fades

At first you think you've got it. Freedom! I can do what I want. I can't wait to see the incredibly insane ways I can take my elderly character's life. At least that's what I thought. It didn't take long before I actually had seen everything quickly. There really aren't that many creative ways. Everything is set up in a bit of a dangerous way. It is a world in which no one has obtained his VCA diploma in any case.

In total I was busy for about 4 to 5 hours with Just Die Already. In this time I have found most of the ways to die and have discovered most of the game world. I still regularly found some ridges and edges that lead to balconies and open windows with 3 hours of play time. If you look carefully you will find some nice hidden secrets, but it is nothing groundbreaking.

Unfortunately, the bucket list didn't offer much extra reason to continue playing. The assignments are simple and offer no significant reward, so you soon have something like: I believe it all. That in combination with the generally very clumsy controls, which make many assignments downright impossible, does not really promote perseverance.

Look mom, no hands!


Just Die Already, if it was released a few years ago, could still piggyback on the "simulator" hype. Today, however, it offers little excitement and mediocre entertainment. The sandbox environment is nice enough until you have seen everything within about 4 hours. There is no overarching story or goal that will make you want to keep playing. If you can still enjoy these kind of 'goofy' sandbox environment games, it might be fun to try.

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