Review: Just Dance 2019

The end of October is just around the corner, all the ghosts, skeletons and aliens are behind that corner waiting for Halloween to approach, but that's not all that's around that corner, no folks… Just Dance 2019 has arrived!

It took a while before our general impression of the game came to a conclusion, since Just Dance 2019 contained a lot, and I mean really a lot of songs. But, here we are! Can the game stay innovative this year while still maintaining the atmosphere it should? Read it in our review! But first, a little trailer.

Back in full effect!

As you expected, the big picture of the game is exactly as it has always been, following on-screen dancers step-by-step as they perform the dances to all your favorite songs. The better you compete with them, the more points you score and the faster you can go to the next number! In this case, all movements you make are followed by the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch that you have in your clutches at that moment. How accurate you are is entirely up to your body! It's great that games keep coming out that try to get the health out of gamers. Just Dance also remains one of the more fun games at parties or to get your girlfriend out of her irritated hormones.


As usual you can choose from a lot of songs from the menu, the difficulty level is mentioned there and you also get a general impression of that specific song with a short teaser. You can also see here how many stars you have already achieved for this song, if you have already played it. No one will get all the numbers at once, which will greatly increase the replayability level for players. Soon you will unlock other sections of the game, such as online mode and a playlist function. In these 'Playlists' you can choose from pre-programmed lists or make your own list of your favorite songs. This makes it a lot easier to filter out the songs you like the most.
Graphically and aesthetically speaking, Just Dance is again going strong this year. They get the best dancers from all over the world and create a great atmosphere with every song. This is a combination of UI, dancers, backgrounds and the effects in general. You can do this alone, with friends in local multiplayer or online against players around the world. Everything is cleverly worked out and ultra-colourful. The energy is also nicely present in every song and you notice that the dancers pull out all the stops to convey the atmosphere in every song in the right way.


Just Dance also wants to get rid of a few things, so you can no longer use your smartphone as a controller. But there is still one small problem, not for everyone, but for many; Just Dance Unlimited. If you buy the game, you get a month free anyway, so you get access to over  four hundred numbers, which is an absurd amount! That sounds great, and it is, the number of tracks and the choices between tracks from older games is a great feature to add. Unfortunately, much of this is behind a pay-wall. This in itself is not very expensive, for twenty Euros per year you have access to all 400 numbers. The unfortunate thing is that if you don't do this, the number of playable tracks will be reduced to 40. If you don't think this is a problem, then this extra service is great to have, since all Just Dance games for this one are suddenly available to you. and you  can make unlimited  use of this!

Although there can sometimes be small buffer errors in the online mode, the accuracy is fantastic. Everything you do is mirrored to the game exactly as you do, so there will be no unfairness in the full game. The playlist is full of different genres. For example, you can see that more and more K-Pop is coming to the game, with artists like BIGBANG, Blackpink and more! House, R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop are also present.
Besides that, you have access to songs from all over the world and so you can continue to discover new songs for yourself and your loved ones. There are even songs from the Eurovision Song Contest available, which is a big plus for many. You've probably spotted it already, but a small number of songs are featured above in the Spotify playlist.


Just Dance won't innovate much this year, nor will it come without minor flaws. All in all, the game does exactly what it's supposed to do and what it's intended for. The atmosphere is there, the genres are there and the gameplay works as it should despite some small buffer errors! The number of numbers is also very high, provided you are willing to pay to pay for the extra service. Although it is not expensive, not everyone will be happy with this. Besides that, nowadays every game also has a season pass, only here it is named slightly differently.
If you look beyond those small aspects, Just Dance 2019 is just another strong game in a franchise that is far from dead. Ubisoft once set up an original concept of making people move like this, something the Wii used to want to achieve with their sports games. The game works great on the Nintendo Switch and is still coming to older consoles like the Wii. The game isn't groundbreaking, but it's definitely worth the money.

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